Burger King Is Introducing Fanta Lemon SLUSHIES For Summer & I Need One Right Now

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Every summer, I have a fling with a new ice-blend drink and become totally and completely obsessed with it. Kind of like when a new song comes out and you just put it on repeat because your ears are just never ready to leave the track behind, and then a few months go by and you literally can't listen to the song anymore without getting a headache? Yeah, that's what's about to happen for me with Burger King's new Frozen Fanta Lemonade slushie. That drink and I are about to become a match made in spring heaven because I am totally in the market for a new ice blend, and just so happy to love anything with lemon flavoring, especially during the warmer months.

Frozen drinks are nothing new on the Burger King menu. Frozen Coke and Frozen Fanta Cherry ICEEs have already been chillin' on the drink menu for a while — and people love them. The addition of frozen lemonade is perfectly timed for the change of seasons and is destined to be a big hit at the burger chain. And if you like your lemons really sweet you can opt for a Frosted Fanta Frozen Lemonade which has a swirl of classic vanilla soft serve blended into it, because OMG, a slushy milkshake is the kind of thing dreams are made of. It's everything you love about Fanta soda, everything you love about the refreshing combination of bubbles and ice, and holy cow, everything you hope for when you crave ice cream on a hot day. This drink is literally everything.

Burger King

Currently, the new drink is only available in the United States, and according to the Burger King website, it's only available for a limited time. How long will it stick around? We don't know. But as with anything, a solid demand doesn't hurt the shelf life of a menu item. So if your mouth is already watering at the prospect of slurping down a Frozen Fanta Lemonade that's just the perfect combination of sweet and sour, refreshing and decadent, head to your local Burger King and place your order! Let's let Burger King know just how interested we are before they even think of pulling it off the menu. According to Twitter, the drink has been available since the beginning of April at least. Also according to Twitter, people really like it:

That On-Repeat Life

What did I tell you about this drink being the kind of thing that you have to have every day!? The people have spoken! This is the drive-thru drink of the summer!

OK, I'm Convinced

This guy has fully convinced me that he's into this drink, and now I want one even more. Bonus: the frosted version is only two bucks! Two dollars for a giant milkshake slushy drink is a pretty good deal. You can't find fresh ice cream at that price and size easily.

Drool Face Life

You know a menu item is good when people are literally thanking the restaurant for making it. That's some serious appreciation.

Probably Sorcery

If this reviewer is blaming the epic taste of the drink on magic, I think we can all rest assured that it's fairly good. From what people are saying, it is not too sweet or too sour — a good balance for any lemon or lemonade-flavored drink — it's the perfect volume of actual liquid to ice ratio, and it has a super energizing and refreshing effect on you (probably because of magic). Aka, it's your spring fling... but let's hope it sticks around until summer.