Bustle Digital Group Announces Michael Hart as…

by Lindsey Green

NEW YORKBustle Digital Group, the premier digital destination for millennial women, announced today the addition of Michael Hart as Director of Research Engineering. In this new role, Hart will lead engineering efforts to research and implement new technologies to scale Bustle Digital Group’s properties, which include Bustle, Romper and Elite Daily, to deliver quality content more efficiently, and gain greater data insights. Hart will be based in the company’s New York headquarters and will report to Bustle Digital Group Chief Technology Officer Tyler Love.

"Michael's open-source contributions, background in ad tech, and product philosophies have a remarkable overlap with the challenges and goals facing the Bustle engineering team," said Tyler Love. "We've set out to build the best products on the web, regardless of industry. We're excited to have Michael leading that initiative with big data analysis and research that will help improve experience and engagement for both our readers and advertisers."

An engineering veteran, Hart has held various leadership positions spanning his career of more than 15 years. Most recently he was a founder of SoothBooth, a software consultancy specializing in cloud-based development, prediction, and analytics, building products for clients such as Uniqlo, Pubmatic, and Monegraph.

Prior to SoothBooth, Michael was the CTO at Adslot, a premium ad trading platform, and co-founder of Assetic, an asset management company. He has extensive experience building complex high-throughput systems and has contributed a number of popular open source packages, including LambCI, docker-lambda, dynalite and kinesalite.

“I have deep admiration for Bustle’s use of cutting-edge tech, whether it be leveraging serverless architectures on the backend, or creating innovative products like flowcharts and comics on the front-end, and I’m excited to be working alongside a team of incredibly smart and talented professionals,” said Michael Hart. “The online publishing and advertising landscape today is a convoluted one, and it’s exciting to see a company break through this by building their own tech, nurturing premium direct relationships, and supporting quality content with their brilliant contributors and editors.”

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