Bustle Teams Up With Flatiron School To Help Women In Tech

by Sarah Fielding

In an effort to provide women with the skills they need to succeed in the media and tech industries, Bustle is teaming up with Flatiron School's Women Take Tech initiative to supply more than $100,000 in scholarship funding to women applying to Flatiron School’s Online Web Developer Program.

It goes without saying that empowering women in STEM fields to achieve their goals is extremely important — in 2013, only 26 percent of computer engineers were women. (That number has actually dropped from 35 percent in 1990.) The Flatiron School was started in 2012 to teach students practical skills essential for starting a career in coding and engineering. Its Women Take Tech initiative was established to make sure more women have access to programs that provide necessary building blocks to securing a career in technology.

Bustle and Flatiron School will provide funding to 25 women in the form of 50 percent scholarships to Flatiron's Online Web Developer Program. The online course includes comprehensive career coaching and more than 800 hours of coursework, as well as the opportunity for students to take part in mentorship sessions with Bustle writers and engineers.

"We’re excited to partner with Bustle not just because we’re fans, but because they break down misconceptions about technical careers that may keep women out of tech," says Rebekah Rombom, Flatiron School’s VP of Career Services. "Bustle exemplifies one of the purpose- and passion-filled career paths unlocked by learning to code — and how technical skills can allow you to make an even larger impact in a creative field like media."

A strong focus of the collaboration will be highlighting the ties between the tech and media industries. One way this will be done is through an event entitled "Developing Stories: The Women Shaping Media Tech.” The event will take place on April 26 at Flatiron School's New York City campus, and will give an in-depth look into how Bustle's engineering team functions. Speakers will include Bustle editor-in-chief Kate Ward, Bustle engineer Zahra Jabini, and other writers and engineers from other digital media outlets.

“Bustle is a site for women by women, and this extends to our design and engineering teams as well," Ward says. "We believe companies of all kinds benefit with more women in engineering positions. Bustle is passionate about fostering and supporting more female talent and more female perspectives in the world of technology and media, and about helping to close the gender gap in engineering. Digital media needs technology to build not just a site — but a story. In recent years, technology has become more important than ever to reporters and writers looking to engage readers.”

Starting April 4, applicants can use this link to apply for a chance at the Women Take Tech scholarship.

Digital media and technology are two ever-changing fields that will always be in need of talent — and it's crucial that women be at the forefront.