Bustle's Most Wanted: Tata Harper's Clarifying Spot Solution Is The Quick Fix For All My Skin Woes

I have very vivid memories of perusing the grocery store aisles in middle school for acne spot treatment cream. Those tubes of white cream were my go-to solution for each and every zit, whether I felt like they actually worked or not. Even though I have less acne today, spot treatment still just feels satisfying when dealing with the occasional pimple — at least you're doing something to address the problem, right? Tata Harper's Clarifying Spot Solution is the adult version of those white drugstore creams. Except it smells way, way better.

Tata Harper's Clarifying Spot Solution, $32, Sephora

The little green tube is cute (another reason it's so much better than the acne creams of my youth), and a great addition to any skin care cabinet #shelfie. It doesn't look like its job is to fight pimples, but instead resembles a tiny, chic, spa-scented hand cream. This makes it so easy to throw in your purse or even apply at your desk. The cream, while it comes out white, fades to clear when applied to the skin.

Like most blemish treatments, the spot solution isn't going to make your skin 100 percent clear overnight. However, it deals with redness almost instantly. It seems to neutralize any problem areas right away, even if it doesn't get rid of them all together.

While the spot solution is gentle, you can also tell it's powerful, working in real time to sooth your skin. It helped reduce the size of my pimples and take away redness overnight, making makeup a much easier process in the morning. At $32, it might seem a little pricey for a tiny tube of cream, but is it worth it to fight adult acne effectively and quickly? Absolutely.

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Tata Harper's Clarifying Spot Solution, $32, Sephora

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