Bustle's Most Wanted: JUNO Smart Mirror

Every beauty lover knows that there's nothing more important than good lighting when it comes to getting glam. No matter how coveted the makeup product, it'll look less-than-Instagrammable if you're putting it on in the dark. Same thing goes for selfies: Lighting can make or break a photo, and there's no filter that can help one that was taken underneath dark shadows. If you know these struggles all too well, the JUNO Smart Mirror is going to change your makeup game for good.

JUNO Smart Mirror, $69, available for pre-order on

The sleek mirror, with its mod design, may look simple at first, but its features are plenty. It comes with three different light settings — indoors, office, and evening — so you can see what your makeup looks like in every environment. It also has a built-in ring light to help enhance your selfies and turns into a chic reading lamp so you can keep it on your nightstand. The mirror comes in three colors — white, (millennial) blush pink, and rose gold and retails for $69.

I don't own one of these mirrors yet — they are still in pre-order and will ship in May 2017 — but I have experienced its magic. When I first discovered it, it was still in Kickstarter mode, so the company was raising funds for production and only had one prototype. (By the way, the mirror met its goal on Kickstarter on the first day of its launch — impressive.) However, I was able to test the sample out and after only a few minutes, I was convinced — it's what every highlighter-swiping, contour-practicing makeup wearer wants and needs in their life. I didn't have any anxiety about my blush being too pigmented when I stepped outside into daylight, nor did I have to walk around my apartment to find good lighting for a Snapchat selfie.

The JUNO Smart Mirror is available for pre-order for $69 and is estimated to ship in May 2017. I can't wait to get my hands on my very own smart mirror.

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JUNO Smart Mirror, $69, available for pre-order on