This Is What Happens When You Give Two Makeup Artists Unlimited Amounts Of Glitter

What do you get when you combine glitter, glamour, and a whole lot of friendly competition? Bustle's Race 2 Face, the competition show that showcases two makeup artists in a battle of wits, strength, and skill to prove they have what it takes to serve serious looks.

In case you missed Episode 1 of Race 2 Face, the beauty competition game show features a trivia round, physical challenges, and a final makeup competition where the contestants use all the products they've acquired throughout the show to masterfully craft a themed beauty look to impress a panel of expert judges.

The artists on the show are put to the test, asked to prove that they are well-rounded in beauty knowledge (because these questions aren't easy), willpower, and creative genius. Each episode is themed — in Episode 1, the theme was "Animal," and makeup artists Jenn and Gabriella went head to head in the ultimate animal showdown. If you missed it, watch it now because those animal looks were fierce (pun intended).

This week, the theme of the show took a serious towards a beauty product that people either hate to love, or love to hate: Glitter.

In Episode 2, contestants Dre Brown and Kayla Cuadrado face off, putting their beauty knowledge and skills to the test. Once again, the paire are guided by incredible host Ruby Roo — this time sporting an outfit that was basically made for KiraKira.

To start them off, Ruby quizzes Dre and Kayla in some serious glitter trivia — You'll have to watch the show to see who shines the brightest. Later, Dre goes bobbing for make-up pods in the Foundation Dip (basically a pool of foundation you have to wade through using only your elbows) and Kayla has to go in search of some hard-to-find pods — filled with various types of glitter, of course — using only one hand. Spoiler alert: Things get messy!

Covered in the remnants of the obstacle courses, Dre and Kayla make it to the Final Face-Off, where they have 15 minutes to create a glitter look to blow the minds of the judges. This week, Bustle's very own Deputy Fashion & Beauty Editor Kara McGrath, Senior Fashion Market Editor Gabrielle Prescod, and Fashion & Beauty Editor Amanda Richards.

"Glitter really had a moment in 2017, and I don't see any signs of it slowing down in 2018," Richards says. "I personally hate the stuff, because I feel like once it goes on your body it never really comes off. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this episode of Race 2 Face really changed my mind on that. The way the makeup artists used glitter for this was really amazing."

McGrath felt positive about the episode and the challenges all the way through.

"Glitter is one of my favorite inventions of all time," she says, "So I was particularly excited for this episode. The makeup artists didn't disappoint, serving us some of the most creative use of sparkle I've ever seen in my life!"

One thing of particular note for this episode is how different the artists' final looks were — and the models were different, too: Race 2 Face Episode 2 utilized the show's first and only male model.

So who won the final challenge? Did the artists rise to the occasion and sparkle and shine, or drop like a glitter bomb? Tune into Race 2 Face to see how it all plays out!

Bustle's Race 2 Face is the ultimate competition show for beauty lovers, with new episodes airing on Facebook every Monday. You can watch Race 2 Face Episode 2 now. Ready, set, GLOW!