Busy Philips' Response To Execs Who Asked Her To Remove Her Moles Is PERFECT

by Kali Borovic
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The world of entertainment is getting a whole lot more familiar with un-photoshopped images, but it wasn't always a welcoming place for freckles, birthmarks, or moles. According to Net-A-Porter, Busy Phillips says that people wanted her to remove her moles when she first starts out — and even some people now. Spoiler alert: she didn't and she won't.

You can see Phillip's, as she calls them, "freckles" at first glance. It's something that makes her her. But apparently not everyone has always been in favor of her keeping her quirks. In a video for the publication called Face Facts, Phillips gives a whole lot of her favorite skin care tips and opens up about her decision to keep her moles.

"I've always loved my freckles or, I call them, moles," Phillips says in the video. "When I started out as an actress in this industry, when I was 19, I was told by a lot of people to remove them. Still, even like a year and a half ago, a woman told me that she thought I should remove them. I was like, 'that ship has sailed, my friend, and no.' And then, 'go f*ck yourself."

If that quote isn't enough to show you how comfortable she is in her own skin, then let the fact that she still has the freckles speak for itself.

Phillips goes on to mention four other face facts, like drinking enough water and always wearing SPF. Others were a bit more specific, like her story about how some people think that she should remove her moles.

The actress even gives a story about the time that she used honey and artificially dyed yogurt to make a face mask when she was younger. Her entire face apparently turned red from the red dye used in it. The woman has loved skin care from a very young age, but has learned a thing or two since the yogurt mistake.

What you put on your body is one thing, but Phillips makes it clear at the beginning of the video that she's not getting rid of her moles any time soon.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No matter what people say about her moles, Phillips is always down to defend them. According to People Magazine, fans thought that Phillips had her moles photoshopped on her cover of Health in June 2018. But the actress came to the rescue, saying that she would never let a publication do that.

“They didn’t and actually that was discussed,” she wrote in a comment on an Instagram of her cover shot. “The light was super bright which is why they look less dark, but they did NOT airbrush off my moles. Promise you. I can show you the pics from the monitor at the shoot — it’s truly just the bright light making them a little lighter.”

She doesn't photoshop them on social media, either. Because nothing can break the bond between and girl and her moles.

Needless to say, Phillips won't be removing her moles any time soon.