Butterfinger Just Changed Its Iconic Recipe — Here's How The New Version Is Different

Courtesy of Butterfinger

New year, new you. At least that's what we all say as a set of 365 days concludes. But one candy company is taking the resolution literary — and taking action early. Butterfinger will have a new recipe and look in 2019. New year, new Butterfinger!

Don't spend too much time mourning the ~old~ Butterfinger. We'll meet the improved candy bar in 2019 after its major make over. Yes, how could something already delicious get better? While hard to imagine where improvements can be made, the new Butterfinger is expected to be a upgrade. A press release announcing the news stated, "the better Butterfinger is the result of our dedication to make this beloved product even better. We want to wow current fans and excite anyone who’s been intrigued by Butterfinger’s one-of-a-kind taste and texture."

Expect each bite to be an experience thanks to the revived attention to the bar's layers of texture. It's not just peanut butter and chocolate molded into bar form. Though the combination of the two ingredients is already a winning team, tweaks to the old recipe's quality of ingredients and relation to each other launch the candy bar into a new playing field of satisfaction.

When it comes to the selecting ingredients for the new recipe, Butterfinger manufacturer Ferraro — also the owner of beloved Nutella, so you can trust this change will be good — went big. According to Business Insider, "The new recipe uses a larger, Jumbo runner peanut in the bar's core." The chocolate coating cocooning the peanut will feature higher percentage of milk and cocoa to add a more pronounced richness to your bite.

What you won't get in a bite are hydrogenated oils and tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), which is a preservative. Not delicious and to be honest, won't be missed. Farewell chemicals!

In order to keep the candy bars from going stale as they await your sweet tooth there is a revamped packaging. Instead of merely acting as wrapping the candy bar, the new packaging is apparently made from high-quality material that will supposedly keep the candy fresh.

If you're hesitant about Butterfinger's new look, don't worry, the company believes you'll be pleased. And it's not like they'd release a candy bar that wasn't tested on peanut butter and chocolate fans. The press release explains, "We conducted research to understand the evolving taste and texture preferences of those who love confections and candy bars." And the findings result in satisfaction. The press release continues, "Based on early trials of the new product, the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive." There are only sweet things to look forward to in the new year. Keep an eye out for the classic yellow wrapping and prepare yourself for a higher quality bite.

2019 promises to usher in the upgrades. From peanut butter to chocolate, there's a lot to look forward to in the new year. At least when it comes to browsing the candy aisle. The new and improved Butterfinger will be available starting in Jan. 2019 and nationally in Feb. at convenience stores and marts such as CVS, Target and Wal-Mart.