Too Faced's Born This Way Setting Powder Is Coming Soon

by Kali Borovic

If summer doesn't already remind you of Too Faced, it will soon. The brand is launching tons of new products for the season, and their latest is one that you might not expect. According to their social media announcement, Too Faced created a Born This Way Setting Powder. It's a first for the brand, which makes the launch all the more exciting. Start saving your money, because you can add this item to your makeup bag soon.

Too Faced has been creating products left and right lately. On top of announcing their Peaches And Cream Collection and Glitter Bomb Palette, they've been building on their already-existing items as well. Starting soon, in addition to their concealers and foundations, there will be a Born This Way Setting Powder. That's everything you could possibly need to prep and set your face.

Born This Way Setting Powder, $39, Too Faced

You don't have to much longer to wait until launch day, either. According to the Instagram post, Too Faced's Born This Way Setting Powder will be available on June 15 and will only be up for grabs on the brand's website. The powder will be a part of the Glitter Like You Mean It Collection, which also launched the same day. Bustle reached out to the brand to see if the items will be permanent or limited release.

Born This Way Setting Powder, $39, Too Faced

Not only is this a first to the Born This Way line, but it's a first for the company as well. Too Faced has never had a loose powder before, although they have teased one for their upcoming Peaches And Cream Collection. The Instagram caption says that it's a silky, lightweight powder that leaves a natural finish. It might not smell like chocolate or peaches, but that doesn't mean it's any less exciting.

Like I said, the setting powder isn't the only product coming out on June. Actually, it's not even the only product to be added to the Born This Way line. In addition to the Melted Latex Lipsticks, Hangover 3-In-1 Primer Spray, and Glitter Bomb Palette, the brand is also adding six concealer and foundations to their Born This Way Collection as well.

Born This Way Setting Powder, $39, Too Faced

Bottom line: you should probably just make your next paycheck out to Too Faced. With all the makeup products coming out for summer, it's hard to choose just one to add to your makeup bag. Happy shopping, my friends!