This New 'Perfectionists' Character Is A Perfect Mix Of 2 'Pretty Little Liar' Faves

Allyson Riggs/Freeform

Spencer and Emily aren't going to be on Pretty Little Liars spinoff The Perfectionists, but their personalities sort of make an appearance through new Perfectionists character Caitlin, played by Sydney Park. "My character Caitlin is driven, sporty, and incredibly smart. She’s the type of girl who excels at everything she puts her mind to and knows she’s the bomb," Park told Galore magazine. She added, "Caitlin is sort of a mix between Spencer and Emily from the previous series."

Fans can see that comparison in both the trailer and the description of Caitlin. In the trailer, she's seen running at three in the morning, which is an Emily move if I ever saw one. And, according to Deadline, she also has her eye on her mom's senatorial seat, proving she has political aspirations like Spencer. But Caitlin is also her own standalone character as well, and Park notes that "she doesn’t mess around." The actor added to Galore that she thinks her storyline will appeal to viewers and they'll be able to relate to Caitlin's struggles. It's not clear yet what those will be aside from her desire to be a, well, Perfectionist — but it likely includes plenty of secrets. This is a Pretty Little Liars spinoff after all.

Allyson Riggs/Freeform

Park tells Bustle that she was actually already a fan of the original series before she was cast on The Perfectionists. "I read most of the books, like in middle school. Then I started [marathoning] the show with my mom before I even got an audition for this, so I was a fan for sure," Park says. She adds that she got to meet PLL and Perfectionists author Sara Shepard on set, an experience which Park calls surreal. "We all, us girls, sat down with her and had a great lunch and talked for hours and shared pictures of our animals, our cats, it was hilarious," Park remembers.

Park has a lot to work with in terms of her character's backstory. Not only is Caitlin chasing (sometimes literally during her 3 a.m. runs) her mother's senate seat, but she's also weighed down by her own secrets, according to TV Line. One such secret may include fellow cast member Graeme Thomas King who plays British hottie Jeremy, a "brilliant young scientist who ... is hiding a shocking secret," according to TV Line.

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That secret may be that he's involved with Caitlin — and no one else may know, according to what King tells Bustle. "I think Jeremy would do anything for Caitlin, and I think he’s very much in love, but as time goes on there’s more tension and things endanger what they have," King hints. "For him, more than her, this is his life. She’s got so much going on with her family, but his Beacon Heights life is everything."

The drama already seems to be heating up with regards to that potential relationship, so who knows what other secrets and lies Caitlin could be keeping throughout the course of the series. Fans can tune into Freeform at 8 p.m. ET on March 20 to find out.

Original reporting by Karen Fratti.