Janelle Monae's 'Fem The Future' Tee Is A Fan Fave

by Kali Borovic
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The speakers at the Women's March weren't the only thing making a statement — their clothing was as well. There was one top that the internet was instantly obsessed with though — Janelle Monae's "Fem The Future" shirt, which she wore during her incredibly powerful speech, which addressed the Black Lives Matter movement. Her shirt might have been simple, but it made a serious statement. Although the exact design doesn't appear to be available for sale, I really hope they become available to buy soon.

Throughout the Women's March on Washington event and the almost 700 sister marches planned throughout the country (and world) there were plenty of powerful outfits. Some of the best were worn by the speakers at the D.C. rally. As soon as Monae got on stage to perform, people were instantly obsessed with her top. It's a simple black crewneck that says "fem the future." It shares the slogan with an event that Monae hosted in September of 2016 that was attended by the likes of Lupita Nyong'o and other women of color in the entertainment industry. According to the website Rap-Up, Monae said this about the event:

“Fem the Future is a grassroots movement led by progressive millennials working together to advance the awareness, inclusion, and opportunities for women and those who identify as women through music, arts, mentorship, and education,” she explained. “We are here and we are ready for our collective voices to be heard.”

It's an important message, and she carried it over during her incredible speech and performance at the Women's March on Washington.

Unfortunately, it's not clear where the exact same shirt is from, so it may be a custom design. She wasn't the only one wearing it, though. A few other people who were on stage with her were also sporting the black and white top. Fingers crossed that she tells her fans exactly where they can get one, though, because people are dying to know.

It's a powerful message that is worth celebrating, and hopefully we can wear it soon.