You Will So Want Kylie's Diamond-Dipped Lip Kits

When you're the boss, you have boss stuff, like customized versions of your brand's hero product! In Kylie Jenner's case, she is rocking blingy, crystal-encrusted Lip Kits. These slaytastic Lip Kit tubes look like they are dripping in diamonds and have that extra luxe vibe, thanks to the caps, which include the signature dripping liquid lipstick graphic, fully enhanced by crystals. I know what Lip Kit lovers are thinking and it's this: "Whoa! Are these new, limited edition versions of the Kylie Lip Kit? How do I get a crystal-encrusted Lip Kit?" The packaging is that cool. Can you buy the crystal cap Kylie Lip Kits?

Unfortunately, you can't purchase these blingy Kylie Lip Kits. The diamond-dipped and/or crystal-encrusted liquid lipsticks (and glosses, actually) are Jenner's custom versions.

She shared them on Snapchat and even captioned one of her Snaps with this telltale detail: "Just for me." She added a "hehe," perhaps to demonstrate to her shoppers and fans that she isn't being snooty or catty about it. Even so, it's her brand and she deserves bespoke Lip Kit caps and tubes!

Jenner's caption also proves she knows her customer base and is aware that they would ultimately ask if, where, when, and how they can get their well-manicured mitts on a tube.

These Kits are Kylie only!

It's her personal stash. She created, wears, and believes in her mega mattes.

Now that's a luxe presentation. It's also probably way too expensive to mass produce, so I wouldn't expect this to be the new Lip Kit packaging any time soon. Maybe she will do a supremely limited edition collection with caps like this one day. We can wish, hope, and pray to the makeup deities that this will become a reality.

The diamond-drenched lippies are so stunning. I can't stop looking at them. You know, you can get creative with your own Lip Kits and replicate these. You just have to be ambitious with arts and craft supplies. Grab some synthetic bling, a glue gun, and get to it! I am not sure what materials were used to design Jenner's customized Kits. But it's not impossible to copy.

So. Much. Ice.

Images: Kylie Jenner Snapchat (5)