See Storybook Cosmetics' Gold Plated Brushes

Odds are you've already seen the social media famous Wizard Wand Brush Set from Storybook Cosmetics. I can guarantee that you've never seen it like this though. According to Instagram, the sisters behind the company made themselves gold plated brushes, instead of the typical silver metal ones. Will you be able to buy the Gold Wizard Wand Brush Set, you ask? These might have been created specifically for the founders of the brand, but they're not ruling anything out.

It's not unusual for a makeup creator to tweak the packaging of their personal makeup collection. Kylie Jenner has even shared her personalized Lip Kits with silver-colored jewels all over the lid on social media. The real shocker of the Storybook Cosmetics post comes when they say that these might be for sale. That's right, you could have gold-plated makeup brushes sitting in your collection sometime in the future.

According to the post, if these were to go on sale, the Gold Wizard Wand Brush Set would be a "suuuuuuuper limited edition release." While some fans commented that they were excited about the launch, others criticized the company for having too many limited-edition products. Basically, there's no telling if these will for sure be available or not, but they are stunning.

The shape of the brushes are the same as the original brush set, but the color is that makes it so different. They don't show the tops of the brushes, but I'm willing to be that the bristles are the same as well. Here's a photo of the original makeup tools, so you can see the difference for yourself.

If you don't want to wait on the Gold Wizard Wands Brush Set, then I have some good news. The original makeup tools are available on the Storybook Cosmetics website right now. The set cost $55 each and comes with a velvet wand pouch to keep them safe.

Although the company hasn't made any announcements yet, I'm willing to bet that the gold-plated set will cost a little more than the original. Bustle has reached out to Storybook Cosmetics for comment. Until then, at least you have the gorgeous photo to hold you over.