Can You Buy The Entire MAC x Influencer Lipstick Collection? Here's Everything You Need To Know

MAC Cosmetics

After teasing their fans for months now, MAC Cosmetics has finally unveiled their influencer series. Each of the ten beauty gurus were asked to create their own personal lipstick that fans will be able to buy throughout the year. Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora are the only two from the United States though. Will you be able to buy the other influencer's MAC lipsticks, you ask? Here's everything you need to know about the launch.

When a YouTuber and makeup brand combine, you already know the product is going to be great, but this time is even better. MAC choose ten influencers from all over the world to created their very own personalized lipstick. There's Laura Lee and Gabrielle Zamora form America, Fleur De Force and Alessandra Steinherr from the UK, Samantha Ravndahl from Canada, Vic Ceridone from Brazil, The Real Fouz from the Middle East, Marie of Enjoy Phoenix from France, Caro Daur from Germany, and Nikkia Joy from Australia.

Unfortunately, according to MAC's tweet, you won't be able to buy the international influencer's shades. That means that the US is only able to buy Laura Lee and Zamora's colors. Both are gorgeous shades of light pink, but one is matte and the other is a satin.

Before you get too upset, you should know that the colors are all pretty similar. Out of the ten beauty gurus, only one choose a red and the others stuck with similar shades of pink. So you're not really missing out on anything from the other countries. Plus both Laura Lee and Zomora picked absolutely gorgeous colors.

MAC Cosmetics

MACxLarLarLee, $17, MAC Cosmetics

Laura Lee created a matte, muted beige for her lipstick. As of right now, there is no name for the color. It's just referred to as MACxLarLarLee. This shade will be available on Apr. 20 on the MAC website.

MAC Cosmetics

MACxGabrielZamora, $17, MAC Cosmetics

Zamora's shade will also be available on Apr. 20 on the MAC website. The malty warm-brown color is very similar to Laura Lee's, but this one is satin instead of matte. Each of the lipsticks will be available for a limited time for $17.

MAC Cosmetics

While it's upsetting that you won't be able to stock up on all the great lippie creations from other countries, at least there's two gorgeous ones to shop in the US. I's mark this date on your calendar, because something tells me that they'll sell out fast.