Sephora Now Lets You Combine Coupon Codes & AHHH!!

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beauty lovers, rejoice! January now marks a special moment in beauty history. If saving money was something you intended to start doing this month, one of your go-to makeup mega stores is only going to make it easier for you. Sephora announced that shoppers can now combine multiple promo codes when shopping online at checkout. Before you totally scream into your pillow with excitement, there are a few rules. After all, with great power comes greater responsibility.

The brand posted to its page of FAQs that starting Jan. 16 it would be conducting testing for new functionalities on the checkout page, allowing Sephora shoppers to combine certain promotions. Don't get too excited, though, because the brand shared explicit restrictions on which promo codes can be applied to one another

According to the site description, each promotion distributed will disclose whether or not it's compatible with other coupons. On the plus side, if you've racked up enough points at Sephora to become a Rougue Member (that translates to 2,500 Beauty Insider points), you already have the upper hand.

"For starters, you will be able to use your Rouge Reward in addition to a Beauty Offer promo," the brand announced. In other words, it's stacks on stacks of savings.

Although this is a victory for Sephora Rouge members, you should be mindful that these coupon combos don't allow for more than one Rouge Reward to be used at a time.

Even if you're not a Rouge Member, you can still stay on the up and up of what promotions are available a bunch of different ways, because who doesn't like discounts and freebies on beauty and skin care?

To find out about the current coupon and Beauty Insider promotions, you'll have to subscribe to the brand's email subscription. Some people, however, have thousands of emails, and every deal that comes in could be another soldier lost at sea. If this sounds like you, then maybe you should opt into downloading the Sephora app. It'll do the work of sending you push notification, so that you can worry about keeping coffee stains out of your blouse.

Now that you've officially become a coupon lady, you don't have to rip your locks out trying to decide which of your coupons to use. Online shopping just got way more fun.

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