Can You Mix Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dyes? Unicorn Hair Has No Rules

The first rule of unicorn hair is that there are no rules! Lime Crime's vegan Unicorn Hair Dye is Internet-famous. It's also a semi-permanent, safe range and is comprised of 13 vibrant shades, including pastel pink (Bunny), nude mauve (Sext), candy blue (Anime), and more. Every time I look at a tub of Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye, I want to dive in.

The cruelty-free dyes come in two formulas: Full Coverage and Tint. They are designed to work on any shade of blond, while the brand recommends that brunettes use the Full Coverage shades, even though they will end up looking more like a tint on darker hair. You can read all of the intel in the Unicorn Hair Dye FAQ, which is extensive and will satisfy all of your inquiries.

If you are super adventurous with your follicles and can't commit to any of these stunning shades or prefer to play bathroom chemist and customize your beauty products, you have to be wondering: Can you can mix two Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dyes and create your own shade?

Well, the answer is yes, you can! The brand notes that mixing shades is a viable option in the FAQ and vlogger Samantha Snook did so IRL.

The end result is absolutely stunning and makes a super strong case for mixing.

Courtesy of Lime Crime

The brand advocates pairing the mermaid blue Anime with the pastel mint green Salad for a bright turquoise end result.

Courtesy of Lime Crime

As Lime Crime explains, the hues can exist in hair harmony and were designed to "play well with each other." It's all about unity!

Courtesy of Lime Crime

Other fun combos, as suggested by Lime Crime, as as follows: Blue Smoke + Gargoyle = Blue Steel, while Dirty Mermaid + Gargoyle = Slate Grey

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye costs $16 a tub and will allow you to indulge your hair fantasies.