This New Service Lets You Renew Your Passport In One Day — For A Price

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If you've ever pulled out your passport the day before an international flight only to realize that it's expired, you'll appreciate this news: you can now renew your passport basically overnight — in one day! — if you're willing to pay. Thanks to FedEx Office and its partnership with RushMyPassport, in the same amount of time that you can have something delivered from Amazon Prime or wait for a fake tan to develop, you can have your passport renewed, and all without ever stepping foot in a government passport office.

In the past, you'd have to deal with the government to get your passport renewed, and while certain circumstances could get you a renewed passport in a reduced amount of days, it wasn't guaranteed — and at best, it was a very confusing process. You'd either have to use Priority Mail or make an appointment at a government office near you, at which same-day appointments were not always available. Now, getting your passport renewed is as simple as going to A FedEx Office store. If you can't get to one of the 2,000 FedEx Office stores, you can still take care of it in the same time frame online.

When you opt to deal with your passport online you can have your passport renewed, reported lost, stolen or damaged passport, request a name change, or even apply for a another passport, for you or for a child. Aka, you can take care of most passport-related affairs online, via FedEx. If you need to have your photo updated, you can have that done in the FedEx store and have everything taken care of at the same time.


Does it sound too good to be true? While the convenience of taking care of your passport at a FedEx is most certainly a win, it will cost you. First, you''ll be charged the standard government fee of $170 that everyone needs to pay for their renewal, and then, depending on how quickly you need your updated passport in your hands, the prices go up. If you select one business day, you'll add $449 to your bill. Whereas, if you select eight to 10 business days, you'll only have to add on $119. Then, we've got shipping fees: If you need it overnighted, it's going to cost you $39.95, and if that overnight just so happens to be a Saturday is, the price rises to $54.95. For comparison, when you rush your passport on the US Department of State Travel Affairs, expedition fees start at an additional $60.

Did you just drop everything to dig up your passport and make sure it's current? Same. The moral of the story is that dealing with a passport last minute before a flight is going to cost you, but with FedEx, a cool $500, and mail luck, you'll be able to make your flight. Personally, while this exact predicament doesn't apply to me right now (because upon reading this news I ran to check on my passport's expiration date and I am thankfully good) it is really nice to know that I have a non-government option that I can utilize when I need to make passport updates in the future. Not having to go to one place to have my picture taken and another place to process the request is a huge time saver and definitely a note-worthy option for travelers both rushed and leisurely alike.