Do Facebook Stories Work On Desktops?

Facebook has just rolled out a new update that will surely change the way we interact with the site, at least on our mobile devices. In an announcement posted in the Facebook newsroom and an update now available on our mobile devices, a new Stories feature has been launched. But the real question everyone wants to know is, can you see Facebook stories on your desktop?

While most of us use Facebook on our phones while we're on the go, many of us still prefer the desktop version. I know personally, I much prefer to check Facebook when I'm on my desktop and can sort of take my time with the site and multitask. So the real question people like me want to know is: will the stories feature even exist for us if we're just desktop users?

As of now, according to a statement from Facebook to Bustle, it looks like Facebook Stories will just be available in mobile version, much like Instagram stories and Snapchat. Whether or not there's a future home for Stories on the desktop version is yet to be revealed, however I wouldn't rule it out entirely. Social media is changing daily.

In the mean time, you'll probably want to get yourself fluent with the mobile version, as that might be all that's available for you in the near future.

First of all, it's got pop culture filters and artsy filters, just like Snapchat.


Second, it has interactive masks that we already know and love.


Something new and different: Facebook Stories filters are an on-going curation. Over time, there will be different artists features that users can interact with via masks or backgrounds. Here's the first two artists that have been rolled out, Douglas Coupland and Hattie Stewart:


And the way you'll utilize Stories will actually feel really intuitive. Facebook isn't trying to hide the fact that they were influenced by Instagram, they see the desire to create fleeting content and they want to offer it on their platform too. But they're making sure to do it their own way, by adding special features to make it different.


As you can see, the format to watch other people's stories and upload your own looks just like the Instagram model, so it will be easy for you to figure it out and start uploading. Also the same as Instagram is the ability to send videos and pictures directly to individual contacts or groups. So you can totally tailor your audience to suit your privacy needs and preferences.

So for now, enjoy getting a hand of the new mobile-only feature, we'll keep our ears out for news on a possible desktop version.