How To Check On Who Views Your Facebook Story

by Megan Grant
Young woman using smartphone on train
Marco_Piunti/E+/Getty Images

Facebook's latest mobile update — its own Stories feature — has people wondering just how similar it is to Instagram Stories, with one specific question hovering in our minds: Can you see who has viewed your Facebook story? In an email to Bustle, Facebook confirms: You can see how many people viewed your story, and indeed, who specifically viewed each piece of content within your story. Who doesn't love to see who's been creeping on their stories? (I do!)

Bear in mind that the most control you have over who sees your stories is to send it to friends of your choosing using Direct — Facebook's new messaging feature that works like Instagram's direct messages. Only those recipients will be able to view your Story, which disappears after the conversation has ended.

If you choose not to send a story privately, then the default setting is "friends," meaning that any Facebook friend of yours can see it for the next 24 hours. If you post a story for all friends to see, you can't block any one friend from seeing it.

Stories and Direct aren't the only pieces of Facebook mobile's latest update. They're also offering a more sophisticated in-app camera that finally includes sweet, Snapchat-esque filters.

It's a savvy move on Facebook's end. The popularity of Snapchat and Instagram (and the decline of wordy Facebook posts) has suggested a shift in the way we communicate. Think about it: Would you rather have me explain my breakfast to you in great detail, or share a visually appealing picture of it instead? Exactly.

Snapchat and Insta are more popular with the younger crowd — a crowd that doesn't typically gravitate toward Facebook. That could all be changing with Facebook Stories. In fact, Facebook has been testing Stories since August; and in markets where it launches, people share more often. With the new Stories feature, Facebook is further including an audience that would rather show than tell. The update started rolling out on mobile (no desktop!) Tuesday morning. Check to see if you have the update!