Here’s How To Tell Who’s Watched Your 2017 Snapchat Memory Story

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As 2017 comes to a close, you'll likely find yourself reminiscing every now and than about the past year, both the good times and the bad times. This year, doing so has never been easier thanks to social media and all of the "year in review" features and apps, which bring you back to moments you might have forgotten about. Now, Snapchat the newest app that's aiming to allow you to get a glimpse of your memories from the last 12 months with their new 2017 Snapchat Memories feature. The feature creates a story of some of your more notable snaps from the past year, and you even have the ability to share it with your friends instead of keeping it to yourself. But can you tell who's seen your 2017 Snapchat Memories?

Here's the deal: when you first notice your 2017 Snapchat Memories, you'll find that they're located in the Memories tab of the app. When it's there, it's for your eyes only, and you get to decide if others can check it out as well.

You can even edit it before sharing it, and add filters, stickers, and text to personalize it further. You can also remove certain photos if you'd rather not be reminded of them — or if they're completely random (one of my photos included was a quick snap of a beauty product — totally ruined the aesthetic, in my opinion!).

Once you've edited the perfect 2017 Memories, you have the opportunity to share it with your friends. You can download it, then upload it to your story. Once it's on your story, it's like any other snap you upload — you have the ability to see who's viewed it. Check it out:

Click on the three little dots all the way to the right of where it says "My Story." It will show each individual photo and video, and on the righthand side, a number that says how many times it's been viewed:

Like any other snap, clicking the tiny eye next to that number brings up the names of the friends who have viewed the story.

Of course, you can only see this if you've uploaded the Memories to your story. If you don't do that, it stays in your private Memories tab. Which is fine, obviously, but it's fine to remind your besties of all the cool things you did in the past year.