Canada Day Memes & Tweets To Celebrate Our Neighbor Up North

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

It's not July 4 yet, but someone's already waving flags — only, they're not stars and stripes. That's because July 1 is Canada Day, and the internet is exploding with Canada Day memes and tweets so that everyone can join in the celebration, whether they happen to be in the Great White North or not.

Canada Day celebrates the day the country became a nation in 1867, when the three provinces of Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada province were merged into one by the Constitution Act. Becoming a nation did not actually mean that Canada gained independence from the British Empire, which it technically did not receive until 1982. And while Canada is now an independent country, Queen Elizabeth is still Canada's monarch and symbolic head of state.

Nowadays, Canada Day celebrations take many forms, but a few things you can expect to see is blinding red and white, a lot of mounties, and plenty people singing "O Canada." And why wouldn't they? There's a lot to appreciate about Canada, and it goes way beyond just Justin Trudeau — and his stellar taste in socks. Don't take it from me, though. Here are some of the finest Twitter celebrations of Canada Day for you to enjoy.

"Canada Bae" Has Such A Great Ring To It

Those eyes. That hair. That tan. OK, I'm done.

Let's Listen To His Ideas, Too

Clearly, Canada's Prime Minister is more than just a pretty face.

A Canadian Symbol Collage

Winter sports and northern wildlife, what's not to like?

There Are Many Ways To Make A Maple Leaf

Well done, Winnipeg.

Well, You Don't Want To Offend Anyone

Ahh, that Canadian politeness.

Those Mountains, Though

And that water. Can that seriously be a real place?

If You Don't Know Tim Hortons, Well, You Should

Tim Hortons is about coffee and donuts — but it's also a key part of Canadian identity. Like, for real.

When You're Ready To Get The Shivers, Watch This

Really, is there anything more heartwarming than hundreds of people expressing love for the same country in all of their different languages?

"Cold" Is Just A State Of Mind

"Comfortable in cold weather" is an understatement.

Could There Possibly Be A More Canadian Picture?

So many mounties and evergreens, with a giant Canadian flag. Touche.

Just ... A Mountie Holding A Beaver.

How else would you celebrate your national day?

You Just ... Need To See This

Can you imagine a more endearing pair than Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden?

Cats In Bowties? Yes Please.

In case you weren't aware, a number of British government office have official office cats. Here are just a few of them with Canada Day bowties, because why not?

And Here's A Polar Bear For Good Measure

Bears, and bears, and bears, oh my!

Robin Williams Put It Well

Robin Williams wasn't one of the many Canadian celebrities, but he sure understood the country's position.

So Canada Is Neville?
I Would Have Believed This

You have apple pie on July 4, and maple syrup on July 1. Why not?

There Had To Be Something Hockey-Related In Here

Nicely assembled, San Jose Sharks.

And Now, Dachshunds In Costumes

Dachshunds in costume for Canada, of course.

Such Perfect Prancing

Is it just me, or do mounties on prancing horses make it seem like everything is all right with the world?

Now, Let's Zoom Out

Canada has some awesome astronauts, and Scott Kelly is not one of them — but he sure does know how to celebrate Canada Day.

So now you know some of your options for July 1, otherwise known as Canada Day — go lace up your hockey skates, liberally pour maple syrup on your pancakes, deck yourself out in a thousand red maple leaves, or honor Canada's multicultural heritage. O Canada, there's an awful lot about you to celebrate.