Canned Wine At Trader Joe's Is Literally One Dollar

by Nia Decaille

The internet's favorite grocery chain is absolutely #winning after introducing Trader Joe's canned wine, courtesy of Simpler Wines. For just $4, you can grab a four pack of these colorful cans that come in rosé or white, and toast to a dollar well spent.

If you need any more of an excuse to run out your nearest TJ's, it's eco-friendly. The lightweight cans are easy to recycle, great for on-the-go and actually "cost less" to ship, according to the national grocer. So, basically, everyone wins!

So what does this lovely creation taste like? Trader Joe's shared that if you go with Simpler Wines White, you'll sample notes of honey dew and herbs and a solid choice for savory dishes or any charcuterie board. For rosé lovers, Simpler Wines Red is full of red fruit flavors best paired with a seafood dish or sweets. Yum!

As a bonus, this is a great way to watch your intake ... if that's your thing. Each can is about 6 oz, and a pack is the equivalent of a bottle of wine. So after polishing off a pack with friends a BBQ, you can keep track. There's also something that feels a little more guilt-free about holding this slim can. So wine fans, raise a can and rejoice! You can skip the need for extra cooler space, bottle wear, or a wine opener, because this is about to save your summer.

But wait — there's more to get excited about when you troll the aisles of TJ's for your next sweet fix.

1. Matcha Green Tea Ice cream

It seems like all everyone ever mentions anymore is matcha, matcha, matcha! But honestly, they have a point. It's a great caffeine boost in lieu of coffee, and now you can shovel it on to a spoon! Get into this sweet treat, with an earthy-vibe that of green tea.

2. Birthday Cake Bar

Who needs a whole cake, when you can fit it in your purse as a candy bar! But you haven't had birthday cake-flavored candy like this. Better yet, it's a carefully crafted vanilla chocolate bar, topped with vanilla cookie crumbs and rainbow sprinkles. If you're sold just yet, just imagine a candy bar with a taste like a "creamy dream come true."

3. Coffee Syrup

Listen up! It's time to prepare your iced coffee game for the next level with the official state drink of Rhode Island. Described as a "coffee milk,"minus any artificial preservatives or high fructose corn syrup. Most of all, there are only three ingredients: cane sugar, water and coffee. This thick, yummy syrup can sweeten hot coffee, make milk shakes, or be poured on top of ice cream.