Christmas Cap'n Crunch Is BACK & More Festive Than Ever


Cereal is a timeless comfort food, but chances are it took you some time to appreciate it. The ease of its preparation made it an ideal choice for kids who had to rush out the door to school, but in adulthood, it seems like your opportunities to enjoy a good bowl of cereal may be few and far between. Luckily, all the fun seasonal cereals are a reminder that they still exist and our pantries deserve to be stocked with them — and topping the list is this year's limited edition Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch, which is back on shelves and looking more festive than ever.

Over the years, many people (and websites) have attempted to definitively rank the best cereal varieties. Now, it goes without saying these ~rankings~ are often, at the end of the day, a matter of personal preference. But, the top ten tend to be pretty consistent. Among them is Cap'n Crunch, a slightly sweet corn and oat hybrid. Classic variations include the multicolored Crunch Berries, and, of course, Peanut Butter Crunch. But, this holiday season the cereal crafters decided to adhere to the idea that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The Christmas version of Cap'n Crunch is a "mix of the classic crunch you love, plus fun holiday shapes in festive colors," per the description on Target's website.

'Tis apparently the season for '90s kids to get their festive fix, because this Cap'n Crunch isn't the only seasonal selection you'll find on store shelves during your next shopping trip. In fact, you should really start planning what your holiday breakfast lineup is going to be, because your options are stacked. Check out these other seasonal cereals sure to make your cupboard filled with glee.

Rice Krispies With Holiday Colors

Rice Krispies is another classic that tends to break the top ten on lists of best cereal. The puffed rice crisps aren't too sweet and can be spiced up with sugar, cinnamon, or pretty much any other spice in your cabinet. Not to mention, they're the main ingredient in the sweet treat that graced bake sale tables all through elementary school. Next time you pour a bowl of the most conversational cereal, opt for the one that will definitely change the color of your milk (to what color, though, is unclear).

Chocolate Winter Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms are your favorite breakfast cereal with commercials that are still stuck in your head decades after the fact. In addition to marshmallows shaped like snowflakes, snowballs, and snowmen, the Winter Lucky Charms have chocolate cereal, making it even more appealing to that nostalgic kid in you. Try making cereal treats (à la Rice Krispies) out of these for something extra special.

Life Gingerbread Breakfast Cereal

Life Cereal is unfairly underrated, because it's definitely a bit less gimmicky than the others — but that doesn't mean it isn't delicious! This seasonal Life Gingerbread cereal has a subtle sweetness and tastes like a Gingersnap. Consider using it to simulate tiles on the roof of a gingerbread house (or, y'know, just going to town on it straight from the box).

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays this season, make sure you get your cereal fix in fast — all of these varieties are only around for a limited time!