Cara Delevingne Just Debuted New, Purple Hair At The 2018 Met Gala

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The 2018 Met Gala theme was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination," and actor and sometime model Cara Delevingne decided to incorporate the concept into her entire look, including her famous hair. Delevingne rocked purple hair at the 2018 Met Ball, which she paired with a cage-like, see-through black dress.

With her exquisite features, those signature brows, and her feline eyes, Delevingne is always an absolute stunner. But her face and aforementioned features were obscured by a black, lacy veil. Her violet locks were visible and were an important part of her overall presentation.

Factoring hair prominently into the mix is not a new style move for Delevingne, though! But more on that in second.

Delevingne, who has been rocking a supremely sexy pixie as of late, worked with stylist Mara Roszak to create her dramatic locks look. Since this is Delevingne's seventh time attending the biggest event of the fashion calendar— a fact she noted on her Instagram — it's as though she had to go bolder than ever.

But it wasn't simply about making a purple splash or doing something outrageous for the sake of.

Debuting the look on this particular red carpet went beyond the Met Gala. It was a nod to something that the star is filming, according to an advance tip that Bustle received from Roszak.

While her cool hair hue — which Roszak created by mixing Joico Color Intensity Color Butter in Purple Mauve and Pink Rose — represents a project on Delevingne's docket, violet holds serious symbolic significance in relation to this year's religious theme.

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Violet is often associated with mourning, pain, and suffering of the crucifixion. It's also linked to royalty while celebrating the resurrection and sovereignty of Christ.

The purple tufts were quite a shift from the dirty blonde 'do that has become Delevingne's signature in recent months. The pale locks were a soft contrast to the strong structure, shape, and shade of her black Dior dress and her bold makeup. Yes, the veil accentuated the drama of her makeup despite hiding it a bit, as well.

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It was a really breathtaking look from angles. Delevingne's gown was shaped like a tunnel.

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When Bustle received the heads up that Delevingne would be sporting purple strands, we weren't sure what to expect. Would it be soft and pastel? Would it be dark and deep? Would it be a mixture of both? Highlights? Ombre? Would there be extensions involved? There were lots of questions that were somewhat answered when she arrived. Her 'do is still short and spiky. It just has a purple cast!

The splash of color worked with her geometric ensemble. This was truly the right way to make one's hair and makeup an integral part of the overall presentation.

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Let's engage in a little Met Ball throwback action, shall we? Delevingne wore a bejeweled, silver Chanel pantsuit at the 2017 Met Gala. Her newly-shorn, silver-painted head was one of the biggest fashion topics of the evening. So it's the second year in a row that Delevingne's hair made a major Met Ball statement. She knows how to serve up a lewk from head to toe — literally.

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Delevingne certainly has some other hallmarks when it comes to her appearances at the Met Ball. She has worn pantsuits in the past, like so. Her hair was swept back and off her face and it also made a statement. This coif wasn't nearly as daring as her silver-slicked head. Nor was it as outrageous as her purple look. But it was gorj.

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Delevingne opted for curls at the 2014 edition of the Met Gala.

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A deep side part, shirt spikes, and smoky eye makeup defined her 2013 look. But her violet hair and Dior dress in 2018 were Delevingne at her most punk rock.