Cardi B Dyed Her Hair Blue To Match Her Lamborghini, As One Does

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know that feel of hair inspiration you get form seeing one of your favorite celebrities with a new hair style? Well, Cardi B has a different form of inspiration. According to an interview with Refinery 29, Cardi B dyed her hair blue to match her Lamborghini. Because, you know, that's a totally normal thing to do.

There are plenty celebrity hair changes happening every single day, but Cardi B's hair stylist is taking fans behind the scenes. Celebrity hairstylist Cliff Vmir was behind Cardi B's blue hair that she debutted on social media. She failed to mention that she matched it to her new car though.

"I think we work so well together because Cardi is crazy and daring," says Vmir. "You never really know what she’s going to do and say. She did just get gifted a blue Lamborghini and she was like, 'Cliff, I gotta get that color,' and she was so happy. I mixed together four different dyes and we got exactly the color she wanted."

Initially Cardi B's fans thought that she was wearing a wig, since her dark locks went to bright blue seemingly overnight. According to Vmir, this is the real deal, and, if her Instagram has anything to say about it, there's a good chance that the style will be around for a while.

According to her Instagram, Cardi B was gifted her Lamborghini on July 28. She got a bright blue one, while her boyfriend Offset opted for bright green. The two posed next to their cars with the caption, "Blessed & Gifted." When you see how fabulous the car is, you'll understand why she wanted to match.

“For the multi-color, I was so scared to do that because she sent me a picture of a girl with all this different color hair and I was like, 'Girl, I don't know how that’s gonna look.' She was like, 'No, I know.' And so we did it and it turned out great," the celebrity hair stylist told Refinery 29.

To be fair, Cardi B hasn't had a whole lot of down time to talk to her fans about her hair. So it's nice that he hair stylist is letting people know. Between buying the car, getting her hair done, and meeting with the Kardashian-Jenner family, Cardi B been pretty darn busy.

The singer showed of her new hair in a photo of herself next to Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Cardi B is rocking the new extra-long blue locks in a half-up topknot and bangs.

So far, that's the only hairstyle that she's shown off on her feed. She has shown a video of herself singing on Instagram Stories, where she wears her hair completely straight. The bangs and the color are still there.

It looks like the blue is here to stay for a while, my friends. You never know what color Cardi B will be into next. Maybe the bright green of Offset's Lamborghini? Only time and Vmir will tell.