Cardi B Got 3 New Piercings & Posted The Whole Process On Instagram

Cardi B's new piercings looked so painful.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

In the past month alone, Cardi B has gotten a neck-to-thigh back tattoo and touched up the ink on her thigh. Now, she's moving on to piercings. Cardi B got three new piercings and documented the entire painful process on social media.

On June 16, Cardi took to her Instagram feed to post multiple videos that showed her getting her sternum and lip pierced. In the videos, the rapper holds her partner Offset's hand as she squirms in the chair, nervous about the piercings and shrieking in pain throughout the process. Ultimately, though, she's able to get through the three new pieces.

Altogether, Cardi got two dermal piercings — a tiny money sign and a small sunburst — added to her sternum and a diamond stud beneath her bottom lip, directly in the center of her pout. The three pieces come together to create a vertical line of piercings that run in a straight line from her bottom lip to the center of her chest.

Cardi's final video shows the finished product, and while she explains she needs to remove the top sternum piercing as it's an older one, the overall result is a great new set of pierced body jewelry.