Cardi B Used A Fork To Comb Her Wig, Just Like 'The Little Mermaid'

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the art of being extra (and obviously human), people have their slip-ups. When you're a queen who's always on the run, you're bound to forget at least one of your beauty must-haves. So, it's no wonder why Cardi B combed her hair with a plastic fork to keep her wig laid, hunny. Don't judge.

Think of all the times you've smudged your makeup and had to think on your feet with a napkin or... otherwise. The rap star did what any smart wig wearer would do to keep locks on lock. At the concert she attended with hubby Offset, she snatched a plastic fork and got to brushing those ends.

Cardi captured the relatable moment on her Instagram Stories, with the caption "When you don’t have a brush you use a fork." Luckily, everyone can look back at this good sense of hair improvisation as Cardi's hairsylist posted it to her Instagram feed.

You also can't help but appreciate Tokyo Stylez' Little Mermaid reference to the appropriately-named "dinglehopper." Who could forget Ariel's use of a fork to comb out her own red strands? In a way, this is a trend that basically dates back to the '90s.

But please take a moment to admire this length of noir.

Cardi wore this silvery jumpsuit while preparing backstage for a surprise performance at a Drake and Migos concert when she'd paid respect to the classic Disney scene.

The new mom is slowly making her way back to the stage as she had previously cancelled her tour this past summer with Bruno Mars to focus on her newborn daughter.

In addition to her shimmery outfit, the rapper had showed off new gold and diamond hoops with her Kulture's name inscribed through the middle.

At the same time, one can't help but chuckle at the contrast of ice around her neck while brushing with a plastic fork.

The humorous moment comes from the scene in The Little Mermaid where Ariel's seagull Scuttle, thinking he knows the human world, teaches the mermaid that it's used as a hair tool. After Ariel loses her voice in exchange for a set of human legs just in time for dinner with Prince Eric, she demonstrates her use of said dinglehopper. It seems as though forks have been multipurpose for years now, and no one even knew it.

Cardi B is no stranger to taking care of good (and expensive) wigs. Her long glossy wig in the video isn't even her longest. Not by far.

She debuted a hot neon pink number with lightning white tendrils back in August, and it's one that's deserving of some sort of encasing.

The rapper recently celebrated her 26th birthday this past weekend and helped to promote her newest collaboration with Madonna and Migos member Quavo's latest album.

While some fans criticized Cardi's odd use of a fork, others praised her quick thinking. It doesn't hurt that the hack is also from your favorite Disney mermaid.

Despite having the means to buy a thousand brushes and combs, for Cardi B, a fork will do just fine.