Cardi B Wore Head-To-Toe Leopard & Looked Like A New Age Cruella de Vil

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B has become something of a legend in the fashion world, where not only has she inspired designers to name lipsticks after her, but her and her impeccable wardrobe have become a permanent spot on everyone's radars. Last year she was a highlight of New York Fashion Week, where she sat in front row shows like Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang wearing the hottest, most creative trends. Now Cardi B made her return to the front row in Milan Fashion Week, sitting front and center at the Dolce & Gabbana's spring 2019 runway show.

This is right after the artist took a break from the fashion circuit after she got into a brawl with Nicki Minaj in New York Fashion Week's annual Harper's Bazaar Icons party. Apparently Minaj made comments about Cardi B's parenting style, and the two came to blows. But now she is back in it, arriving three days after Minaj in Milan.

While her seating arrangement might not be massive news, what she wore to it was. Cardi B wore head to toe leopard print for the runway show, packing some major style into her chic and bold outfit. Specifically, she wore leopard stiletto pumps, leopard tights, a leopard scarf, and a knee-length leopard trench coat, capping it all off with leopard print sunglasses.

"Cardi wore a monochromatic look that was similar to the ones shown during the Italian label’s Fall 2018 runway show," Vogue explained. "She chose Dolce’s tiger-print coat dress, styling it with a matching scarf that was tied into a bow. She didn’t stop there, either — she then accessorized the ensemble with tights and pumps for an all-over effect, while furry “DG” glasses offered a playful nod to the designers."

While definitely playful and adventurous, apparently Cardi B had a muse when picking out her Dolce & Gabbana outfit. According to an Instagram post that she shared of her look, she was inspired by Fran Drescher, the fashion-loving nanny from Queens. You could totally see how her clashing-leopard print look is a homage to the Flashy Girl From Flushing.

While her competing leopard print patterns are definitely show stopping, the true star of the show is the artists' over-sized furry glasses. A little bit retro and a lot flamboyant, they're hard to miss and complete the look. In a video post to her account, Cardi B addresses the playful accessory. "Bitch, get into these motherfucking glasses bitch!" she laughs into the camera. She addresses how the fur has been keeping her face warm, to the point where it feels like she's wearing a North Face. "It's winter certified. Dolce & Gabbana want all my shmoney!" she says.

The artist is apparently having an amazing time in Italy for the fashion events, touching on her experiences so far. "We out here in Milan drinking sparkling water and eating some spaghettis," she shared. "Man, these Italians got me fucked up giving me champagne in the afternoon. They must not know that I’m light."

Seeing how memorable this leopard outfit was, here's to seeing what she comes up with next!