Cardi B’s Birthday Celebration With Kulture Featured A Sweet Moment — Literally

by Stephanie Downs
Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B is celebrating a big milestone with her young daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, on July 10, as the date marks the little one's first birthday. As Us Weekly noted, Cardi B's Instagram post for Kulture's first birthday showcases the pair's adorable midnight cupcake celebration.

On Instagram, the "Money" singer detailed that she celebrated her daughter's birthday at the stroke of midnight, and they did so in such sweet style (literally). In the photo, baby Kulture can be seen giving one of her colorful, birthday cupcakes to her mom to eat. In addition to their treats, fans can also see that there were plenty of balloons that helped to mark the special occasion. Cardi captioned the post with, "A little quick 12 o clock turn up 😩😩😩my baaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

On her Instagram Story, Cardi captured a video of herself and the birthday girl after their messy celebration. The rapper, who still had some of those cupcake remnants on her face, said, while holding her daughter, "You my girl, birthday girl, Had to wash off that cake out your hair. … We gonna turn up as soon as I get you dressed.” So, it sounds like their low-key, midnight party may just be the precursor to all of Kulture's birthday celebrations.

Cardi B/Instagram Story

Kulture's father, Offset, also took to Instagram to wish her a happy birthday. He posted a photo of his daughter wearing an adorable onesie, which read, "50% Kiari [Offset's first name], 50% Cardi = 100% Kulture." The Migos rapper captioned his post with, "YOU ARE SO PERFECT LOVE YOU KK HAPPY 1st BDAY I LOVE YOU 😘"

Time has really flown by, as it seems like only yesterday that Cardi gave birth to her daughter. Alas, it was one year ago that the rapper announced via Instagram that she had given birth to her first child on July 10, 2018. Days after her daughter's birth, the "Bodak Yellow" singer once again took to Instagram to thank her fans for their well wishes (and to share a fun parody video of herself and Offset as parents). She wrote,

"Thank you everybody for the congrats we really apreciated❤️.Thank you to family and friends that’s been hitting me up checking on me .It’s been a little hard for me to reply back cause this mommy job requires full day ,all day ,all night attention .I love you guys .Thanking all my fans as well for the love and support .I love you guys !!"

Ever since she welcomed her child, Cardi has opened up on numerous occasions about how much she loves being a mom. In February, she explained to Harper's Bazaar exactly how motherhood has changed her, by saying,

"I just wanna be home all the time. I don't care about going out anymore. The things that I thought matter, it didn't really matter. I'm just so focused on my kid. I don't be sad for long because whenever I'm with my baby, it's like, 'Yeah, whatever. F*ck everybody.'"

On Twitter in August 2018, about a month after she gave birth, she told her followers how enamored she is with her baby,

"I’m sooo in love with my child ,it makes me wanna cry.I don’t know what i did right for God to bless me with this beautiful,loving baby."

Based on their recent, cupcake-filled birthday celebration, and her quotes about motherhood, you can just tell that Cardi and Kulture have the sweetest bond in town.