Cardi B Had The Sweetest Response To A Girl Scout's "Money" Remix

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Girl Scouts can get very creative when it comes to selling cookies. Some set up shop outside of a grocery store or a bank, others go door to door. But this year, one Girl Scout from California did the most by writing a Cardi B-inspired rap that went viral. Well, Cardi B responded to the Girl Scout remix of her song "Money," and it's the sweetest thing you'll see on the internet today.

On Feb. 2, the official Girl Scout Twitter account posted the rap Kiki Paschall and her mom, Shania Accius, made up to the beat of Cardi B's newest single. According to KTLA, the Cardi B-rapping Girl Scout is from Troop 3246, which welcomes girls from the San Fernando Valley. Of course it went viral because she combined unique new, cookie-selling-inspired lyrics with an irresistible swag. Some of the lyrics are as follows: "Black girl magic, you know the deal / Communities served, leadership skills / Studio City to Woodland Hills.” Paschall also makes sure to shoutout all of the famous Girl Scout cookie's by name, rapping, “Thin Mints are the best / Savannah Smiles delish / Do-si-dos are all bliss / Tagalongs divine / Toffee-tastic blows my mind / Hey, that really rhymes."

One look at the video, and it's pretty obvious she's a savvy entrepreneur in the making. And it seems like Cardi B herself agrees.

In a tweet on Feb. 4, Cardi B reposted the video and wrote, "I want all the cookieshhh." The rapper was obviously impressed by Paschall's video, and she even got a response from Paschall's mother. "Kiki is sleeping right now, but when she wakes up it will be like Christmas Day to hear that you responded!" Accius wrote. "Please reach out to me if you truly want cookies... my troop would love the support."

KTLA interviewed Paschall and her mom about the viral moment on Monday, Feb. 4. It turns out, they got the idea for the video after Paschall made it her goal to sell 500 boxes. “Every year, the last day of sales we’re sitting out in front of some supermarket trying to sell our last few boxes," Accius said. "So this year, we’re like, 'OK let’s try to do something strategically.'” She added that she thought of using a remix of "Money" to drive sales, and that's when she and her daughter went to work, writing the new lyrics that eventually became a viral sensation.

And, to top it all off, it worked! Not only did Paschall meet her goal, but she actually had to double it. "We posted it on Friday, and then we reached my goal the next day," the girl told KTLA. "I really appreciate the people that bought cookies form me."

No word from Accius on whether or not Paschall has seen Cardi B's shout out. And even though collab might not be in the future, hopefully Paschall and Cardi B can team up to get the rapper some delicious cookies.