Carly & Evan's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Wedding Vows Will Make You Laugh & Then Cry

On Tuesday night, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass were finally married on Bachelor In Paradise 4. It was your typical Bachelor In Paradise wedding — all of Bachelor Nation’s finest couples on display, a retrospective of old weddings, and Chris Harrison officiating. The best part, though, was Carly and Evan’s Bachelor In Paradise wedding vows. Most people don’t have the words to describe true love, but Evan and Carly certainly do. And, they ven made some hilarious jokes in between all the other sweet, romantic stuff.

Evan’s declaration of love came first. With tears in his eyes, he said:

Not to be outdone, Carly opened her heart to Evan next:

The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise have far more breakups than they do lasting couples, but these weddings are a nice reminder that true love does exist in the world, and some people may even find it on a reality television show. Stranger things have happened, and Carly and Evan are lucky to have their strange, weird, quirky, sweet happily ever after.