Carly Rae Jepsen’s Cat-Filled “Now That I Found You” Video Is Total Purrrfection

After giving us sound advice about the importance of self-care in her celebratory anthem “Party For One," Carly Rae Jepsen’s video “Now That I Found You” reveals that she’s fallen in love with someone else again, but it’s not what you think. In her new video, Jepsen has fallen head over heels for a new beau — Shrampton, an Instagram-famous orange Scottish fold that already stole the hearts of Tegan and Sara in their “Stop Desire” video. And the video just goes to show that you can fall in love without diving into a romantic relationship.

In the video, Jepsen discovers the beautiful feline, credited simply as “Cat," trapped in an alleyway during a rainstorm, and rescues him wearing the most chic raincoat ensemble we’ve ever seen. Their love affair grows quickly, with Jepsen going from singing to him in the shower to painting his portrait while jamming to the bubbly synth-pop gem. "There's nothing like this feeling, baby, now that I found you,” she sings to Cat, an E•MO•TION all cat lovers can deeply understand.

Jepsen’s cat obsession grows to obscene heights in the clip, as most first-time kitten owners’ do, as Cat multiples tenfold and takes over her entire house — the fridge, the bathroom, and the self-portrait, which is now expanding onto the wall it hangs on. The singer owns so many cats that she decides to try their food herself and smokes some catnip, providing us with a mind trip (that’s very reminiscent of Miley Cyrus’ cat-themed AMAs performance of “Wrecking Ball”). But of course, the original Cat goes missing, leading the singer on a city-wide search with a surprise ending that proves crazy cat ladies are able to find romance (with humans, just to be clear), no matter what the stereotype says.

It turns out that Jepsen’s new video was at least slightly based on real-life experience. The singer told People in April 2018 that she had newly become a part-time cat lady thanks to the adoption of her new feline Jupiter. “I am really loving this,” she said about cat life. “I stayed up all last night reading a book for way too long. I transition to kind of cat lady-ish and boring when I’m home, and I’m enjoying the sort of opposite parallels of that compared to my life on the road, which is always a great adventure.”

In a new interview with MTV News, Jepsen said she used her new cat as motivation while recording “Now That I Found You," which ended up inspiring the video’s concept. "The lyrics were going through my head, and I woke up one morning and I saw the cat and I was still kind of not used to him being in my life," she said to MTV News. "'Waking up next to you every morning' started playing in my head and I kind of laughed out loud. I was like, that's what I want this video to be about: just a cat-lady obsession."

Jepsen also explained that she wanted the song to feel like a natural transition from the self-love message of “Party For One” despite its lovey-dovey subject matter. “I still wanted the videos to represent real life in a weird way, and I'm not saying I have 100 cats and I sing to them," she said, "but I will say that it felt like a proper progression from 'Party For One' that it's not just about a boy, but it's about a cat.” Whether you think of a lover or your pets while listening, “Now That I Found You” proves that Jepsen can perfectly capture everyone’s wild emotions.