Carmen Perez Brings Activism To Your Twitter Feed

Kisha Bari
By Bustle Editors

A co-founder of the Women's March, Carmen Perez has made it her mission to fight for social justice and the betterment of all people. That's why she's included in this special edition of Bustle's Must Follow, in which we highlight the incredible Latinx voices you need to follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Describe yourself in one line, including how you identify and what you do.

“I am a Chicana woman and something of a Renaissance woman in modern-day activism. I have dedicated 20 years to advocating for many of today's important civil rights issues, including mass incarceration, gender equity, violence prevention, racial healing, and community policing.”

What do you hope people take away from following you on social media?

“I want them to feel as though I am a voice for the issues that impact our community most and also a bridge to solutions. I want people to see themselves reflected in my leadership and activism but also understanding that we can be our whole selves.”

When did you first feel that you were a voice for the Latinx community?

“When I was in meetings where decisions were being made about my community but we were not reflected in the people of the room. I was often times the only Latinx person, only woman, and significantly younger than everyone else in the room. We were discussing such important topics and problems facing our community but not being included.”

Who's another Latinx person you would recommend to follow on social media?

“I would like to recommend a few Latinas who inspire me and who work across many areas from reproductive justice to immigration reform to criminal justice to general equity for Latinx communities! They are: Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas (Twitter @jgonzalez_rojas), Cristina Jimenez (Twitter @CrisAlexJimenez), America Ferrera (Instagram & Twitter @AmericaFerrera), Jackie Cruz (Instagram @jackiecruz/Twitter @msjackiecruz), Olga Segura (Instagram & Twitter @olguitasegura), Paola Mendoza (Instagram & Twitter @paolamendoza), & Alida Garcia (Twitter @leedsgarcia).”

Follow Carmen Perez on Twitter, @msladyjustice1.