Carrot Cake Oreos Are Here & The Filling Has CREAM CHEESE

by Brittany Bennett

Dessert lovers of the world, prepare to ship a new dynamic duo. The forces of cake and cookie have united to create the ultimate combination. Carrot Cake Oreos are now on shelves and it's the flavor we've been waiting for. Actually.

Rumors swirled in Dec. 2018 when Instagrammer and sweets hunter @CandyHunting posted a picture of the Carrot Cake Oreos packaging. The caption read, "Carrot Cake Oreos will be out early next year, presumably in time for Easter." The announcement caused quite a stir, making everyone's sweet tooth tingle in anticipation for the newest flavor.

While we assumed we'd have to wait months to sink our sweet teeth into this harmonic concoction, well, we don't. The wait, it seems, is over! In the span of weeks, the Carrot Cake Oreo has gone from a treat for the future to a present day snack. In the blink of an eye we can now feast our eyes on the latest flavor from Oreo. The cookie will be carrot cake flavored and will sandwich a cream cheese frosting flavored creme. The cookies are essentially bite size carrot cakes and I will be stocking up on as many packages as Target allows me to purchase.

The cookies can be found in Target stores and online. A 12.2 oz package retails for $2.99. For those of us who dive fork first into a slice of carrot cake, the news of this Oreo flavor debut couldn't be more lip smacking. For those who question the merit of carrot as cake turned cookie, this Oreo flavor is worth the hype. Carrots are sweet vegetables and deserve this recognition in the dessert and snacking spaces! I, personally, am rooting for this root vegetable to transform into any entity it can.

The new flavor joins an arsenal of drool worthy flavors produced by Nabisco, Oreo's parent company. Carrot Cake Oreos are hitting the shelves alongside the just released Dark Chocolate flavor. Made with real cocoa, these darker Oreos seem a perfect fit for the long, dark winter season. But according to USA Today, the Dark Chocolate Oreos are here to stay as a permanent offering. Instead of the limited edition flavors that are gone too soon, we'll get to enjoy the luxuries of Dark Chocolate Oreos as the flowers begin to bloom.

While the Apple Pie Oreo — complete with a graham cracker flavor cookie — is gone too soon, other flavors prevail so our vast Oreo love can live on. Still available online at Target is the Red Velvet Oreo flavor, Oreo Thins with Coconut Creme, Oreo Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake, Rocky Road Trip Oreo, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreo, and more head turning flavor combinations.

To keep the love of Oreo flavors going strong through Valentine's Day, the limited edition Oreo Love cookies, with a "sweet and tangy creme" are back in stock. Want to share the love on cupid's holiday? Oreo Valentine's Day Packs, complete with 34 cookie bundles, are also available. I don't know anyone who wouldn't be charmed when presented with cookies.

Now that Carrot Cake Oreos join a line up of flavors, get ready to stock up and challenge your besties to the ultimate cookie-creme twist off.