Carvel Just Released A Massive Cold Brew Shake Stuffed With Oreos


Need an excuse to enjoy ice cream for breakfast? Here's one specifically for the summer: Carvel's new Cold Brew Oreo Dasher. Filled to the brim with layers of cold brew soft serve, the Cold Brew Oreo Dasher is a very sweet way to get your morning dose of caffeine. Just saying! But this latest Dasher from Carvel doesn't stop at cold brew soft serve, and therefore goes beyond the morning. It's a sundae, after all. And sundaes insinuate toppings. Lots and lots of toppings.

Stacks of fudge, caramel, and Oreo cookies are layered between the soft serve, building the most undeniable sundae summer has ever seen. Cold brew and Oreo cookies in the same cup? Please point me in the direction of the nearest Carvel. To ~top it all off~, the sundae dasher is completed with a dollop of whipped cream and strands of caramel and fudge sauce. Just make sure to get to it fast — although it's on menus now, per Carvel, it's only available for a limited time.

While soft serve and sundaes aren't the latest innovations in dessert, the Cold Brew Coffee soft serve at Carvel is. Carvel has always served up classic and not-so-classic soft serve flavors as well as coffee ice cream. But the Cold Brew Coffee soft serve is new, and meeting up for coffee this summer will never be the same. This caffeine and ice cream trend continues at Carvel with the Cold Brew Oreo ice cream. A scoop of this is full of a cold brew flavor featuring caramel, fudge, and Oreo pieces. The Cold Brew Oreo Dasher, Cold Brew Coffee soft serve and the Cold Brew Oreo ice cream are available for a limited time only. Meaning you should ~dash~ on over to your nearest Carvel as soon as your lunch break.

Cold brew is the choice beverage of summer and soft serve never goes out of style. Combine the two and include some Oreo cookies to the mix? That's a recipe for the ultimate sundae that can be enjoyed throughout the day. The Cold Brew Oreo Dasher is bound to be the accessory of the season. Everyone who is anyone will surely be toting around a Carvel Dasher around.

If cold brew isn't your style, there are plenty of other sweet treats that will look ~dashing~ in your hand. Oreos are always, obviously, an enthusiastic yes. Lucky for all of us, the Oreo Cookie Sundae Dasher can be found at all Carvel locations and is available always. The layered cookie gets buried under layers of vanilla, fudge and whipped cream for the most sensational bite. But if you prefer to go nuts of your sundae, you might find that the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae Dasher is up your alley. Layers of Reese's peanut butter cups, Reese's peanut butter sauce, ice cream, and a fudge drizzle complete this dasher, and my heart.

Other dasher flavors vary by Carvel location. Call your nearest Carvel to see if the Cold Brew Oreo Dasher is available by you now. And then do not hesitate to drop everything and dash out the door for what is sure to be summer's favorite sundae. It's officially summer with soft serve in hand — if you're a coffee fan, make sure at least one of them this summer is Cold Brew Coffee soft serve from Carvel.