You Can BATHE In Avocado At This Hotel In Mexico & When’s My Flight


Despite being shamed for their love of avocados, nothing can keep millennials from their beloved green super fruit. If eating avocados, noshing on guacamole, and using it as a facial mask isn't satisfying your avocado cravings, you can bathe in avocado at this hotel in Mexico. Casa Velas Hotel’s Guacamania is celebrating avocados all month long, and it's a perfect place to spend spring break if you're looking to get your avocado on 24/7. Treat yourself, and indulge in all things guac while thumbing your nose at the haters who are only hurting themselves by shunning avocados and their myriad health and wellness benefits.

If you think a guacamole bath sounds too good to be true, it's not a dream. This adults-only hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is taking it upon itself to properly honor guacamole, so you're going to want to book your flight ASAP. According to information about Guacamania on Casa Velas Hotel's website, the spa is where it's at. While you don't actually get in a tub full of the good stuff, your spa therapist will generously rub avocado all over your body. "Different treatments are offered using avocado as the main ingredient, such as an exfoliation with avocado skin, avocado body wrap with natural yogurt, and an avocado moisturizing hair treatment," the website states.

One you're all bright and shiny from your avocado rub down you can head to the pool where a guacamologist (OK, how to I get this job?) will whip you up some fresh guac with a side of avocado shaved ice. Basically, you can spend an entire weekend in the welcome warmth of 85-degrees temperatures while eating nothing but guacamole, and putting nothing on your body but avocado. Avocado is also what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy hour. "At Emiliano, the resort's gourmet Mexican restaurant, a special menu highlighting avocados is available," Casa Velas Hotel noted. "Highlights include avocado burritos, chocolate mousse made with avocado, waffles with avocado and walnut jam, avocado ceviche with mushrooms and jicama, avocado tiramisu, and more."

While it's not always easy being green, on this avocado retreat you'll be surrounded with like-minded avocado lovers. Toast your shared love of avocado with avocado drinks like cold avocado cream and an avocado and piña colada martini. If you want to continue your all-avocado lifestyle once you return to real life, you can even take a cooking class at Casa Velas to learn different ways to prepare avocado so you never get tired of your green BFF. Can't getaway on such short notice? Fear not. Casa Velas is bringing Guacamania back this coming September, too.

If your skin is looking and feeling like a rhinoceros, rubbing yourself down with avocado is an easy way to get a healthy spring glow. According to Healthline, using avocados as part of your regular skincare routine can calm down angry itchy skin, heal chapped winter skin, replenish moisture for dry skin, protect skin from ultraviolet radiation, and prevent skin damage. What's more, a study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine found that avocado can help heal wounds. "Avocado oil is a rich source of oleic acid and contains essential fatty acids," the study noted.

"When used in natura or in pharmaceutical formulations for topical use, avocado oil can promote increased collagen synthesis and decreased numbers of inflammatory cells during the wound-healing process and may thus be considered a new option for treating skin wounds." Who knew everything you needed to heal a cut or scratch has been on top of your toast all along? Personally, I eat at least one avocado a day in my morning smoothie. Sometimes I cut up another one and lightly salt it for an afternoon snack.

Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without avocados. Same? Book your next girls weekend during Gaucamania. If that's not in your budget, you can totally host an avocado-only night at home. Simply Avocado offers a wide array of avocado-inspired recipes on their blog. Invite your besties over — ask them to bring a few avocados — and create some DIY avocado face masks. Top off the night with homemade avocado cocktails. Because, you can totally achieve all of your avocado #squadgoals without leaving home.