'Bachelor' Nation's Catherine & Sean Announced Their Son Isaiah Is Out Of The Hospital

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After four days in the Intensive Care Unit, Bachelor alums Catherine and Sean Lowe's son Isaiah is out of the hospital and back at home, according to the couple's social media posts. The family got through the tough time with a combination of optimism, prayer, and of course, that signature Lowe sense of humor.

On Nov. 5, Sean joked on Twitter,

"After the stress of watching my baby boy in the ICU for four days, I truly feel like I love him even more now. Kinda sucks for Samuel though. Now he’s in a distant second place for favorite kid."

The main takeaway from that tweet is that Isaiah is safe and sound at home. Nevertheless, the joke about Isaiah's older brother Samuel caught some attention from some of Sean's followers who are accustomed to his jokes on social media.

One Twitter user even responded, "It’s okay you’re prob in distant second place for his favorite parent," a remark that's very on point, given the Lowes' continually hilarious social media posts. Another follower tweeted, "Glad you can maintain a sense of humour in a rough time. I hope all is well now and he’s on the mend. Best wishes."

Sean isn't the only parent who maintained a sense of humor throughout this ordeal. Catherine shared an adorable photo of Isaiah rocking nothing but a pair of socks, and she began her caption with a cute play on words, "Isaiah’s back! And butt!"

She also thanked everyone for the prayers and support, but gave her followers a laugh with those first two sentences.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison commented on the post with a joke about Sean.

Former Bachelorette leads Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and DeAnna Stagliano celebrated the good news with their comments on Catherine's post, too.

Even though everything ended up alright, it had to be a long four days for the couple. On Nov. 2, Catherine and Sean both shared the same photo of Catherine in the hospital with Isaiah, who was hooked up to breathing tubes. The posts also shared the same caption.

After talking their baby to the pediatrician for a "bad cough," they found out that he was actually suffering from bronchiolitis. Sean explained, "[Isaiah's] little body is having a tough time getting enough oxygen," before thanking the hospital staff and asking for prayers on the baby's behalf.

On Nov. 3, Catherine shared a photo of herself kissing Isaiah on the head and thanked everyone for their "prayers and sweet comments."

The Bachelor Season 17 couple is known for their positive outlooks and hilarious jokes and it's clear that the optimism is a hereditary trait. On Nov. 4, Sean shared a photo of baby Isaiah cracking a smile in the hospital while he was hooked up to breathing tubes.

Now that Isaiah is feeling better, the Lowe social media posts will return back to their normal state of full-on hilarity. Sean tweeted, "Now back to the bad dad jokes."

As scary as it is to have a child in the hospital, Sean and Catherine were able to get through those days thanks to their positivity, faith, and even some comedy. There's no doubt that they're relieved to go back to their normal lives, which is very likely to include some hilarious jokes at Samuel's expense.