Celebs Reminisce About Jerry Lewis

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On Sunday, Aug. 20, Hollywood was saddened to learn that comedy legend Jerry Lewis had died at age 91. His family issued a statement to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, revealing that the beloved comedian passed away from natural causes. Celebs reactions to Jerry Lewis' death on social media with many kind words and sweet memories. Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Lewis passed away at his Las Vegas home at around 9:15 a.m. PST.

Lewis' publicist Nancy Kane released the following statement to Bustle:

"He died peacefully of natural causes at 91. He was surrounded by his family and loved ones at home."

Lewis got his big break in the 1940s when he teamed up with Dean Martin while working in Atlantic City, N.J. The comedian and the crooner duo soon became insanely popular on stage and in the movies. Together, they starred in My Friend Irma in 1949, At War With the Army in 1950, Sailor Beware in 1952, The Caddy in 1953, among many others. The duo parted ways in 1956. In the 1960s, Lewis was one of the biggest Hollywood actors, starring in hit movies such as The Bellboy in 1960 and The Nutty Professor in 1963.

Lewis was no doubt an influential comedian and celebs are sharing all their memories of him on social media to honor his life.


Penn Jillette

The comedian shared his sadness about Lewis' death, photos of himself and Lewis, and gratitude that he got to meet the iconic entertainer. "Goodbye to the real, no irony, king of comedy," Jillette wrote in a tweet.


Josh Gad

The actor remembered Lewis as "one of the greatest of all time" on Twitter.


George Takei

The actor and activist saluted Lewis for his comedy and his activism for Muscular Dystrophy.


Michael Kelly

The House of Cards actor shared a memory in which he had dinner with the late comedian.


Patton Oswalt

Oswalt made a touching and subtle joke in honor of Lewis.


Chelsea Peretti

Peretti is referring to Lewis' controversial comments in 2014 about women comedians.


Dane Cook

Cook shared a photo of himself with Lewis and saluted his mentor on Twitter. "He meant the world to me [and] I will forever cherish the time I got to spend with him & his family," Cook wrote in another tweet. "At a dark time in my life he brought me joy."


Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis recalled the times when Lewis shared the screen with her famous parents Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis.


Jimmy Kimmel

The late night talk show host shared a touching video of Lewis from his telethon, singing "You'll Never Walk Alone."

More to come...


Sandra Bernhard

Bernhard reminisced about Lewis by posting a video in which she starred with him.


Marlee Matlin

Matlin remembered Lewis with a throwback photo and a memory of when they both received honorary degrees from Emerson College.

More to come...


Richard Lewis

The fellow comedian tweeted this photo of himself with Jerry Lewis.


Gilbert Gottfried

Gottfried also tweeted a past selfie with Lewis, as well as a playful joke. (According to Vanity Fair, the French are huge fans of Lewis.)


Harry Connick, Jr.

The singer and actor called Lewis "the greatest of all time" in a tweet.


Russell Simmons

Simmons shared his love for Lewis' film The Nutty Professor and how thrilling it was to meet Lewis.


Kumail Nanjiani

Nanjiani remembered the impact Lewis had on him as a child.


Tom Arnold

Arnold pointed out Lewis' activism in a tweet, where wrote that he loved the time he spent with Lewis.

It's clear that Hollywood will definitely miss Lewis.