Celebrities Attending The Women's March On Washington, Because Is Going To Be A Historic Day

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Jan. 21, 2017, after Donald Trump official takes his presidential office in Washington, the Women's March on Washington will take place, with participation expected from over 200,000 women. The protest, is a grassroots effort that snowballed due to dismay and outrage following the 2016 election.

What started as a Facebook event has turned into a national invitation that's now gained the support of seasoned organizers — the four co-chairs are now Linda Sarsour (executive director of the Arab American Association of New York), Tamika D. Mallory (political organizer and former executive director of the National Action Network), Carmen Perez (executive director of political action group The Gathering for Justice) and Bob Bland (a ethical manufacturing fashion designer). What's more, Planned Parenthood has now officially become an official partner in the march.

The ever-growing initiative has garnered the public sport of various celebrities, helping to increase its reach and amplify its message: it's not about anti-Trump, it's about pro-women. The objective of the march is to raise awareness, funds and resources for women in America to secure basic rights, healthcare and protection. These are some of the celebrities who have already shared their intentions of attending the march on social media:

Amy Schumer

Olivia Wilde

Jane Levy

Amber Tamblyn

Samantha Bee

Debra Messing

Kate Walsh

America Ferrara

Jessica Chastain

Chloe Moretz

A more complete list of celebrity attendees and scheduled speakers will be released as the march draws closer.