How Miley Cyrus & Hailey Bieber's Tattoo Artist Is Helping With Coronavirus Relief

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While tattoo studios are no longer open for service under shelter-in-place orders and emergency declarations, one artist is still working, but instead to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo is donating profits of his Gentle Daily Soap to COVID-19 relief.

Dr. Woo was slated to launch his lifestyle brand, PROJECTWOO, in April, but after the pandemic began, the artist placed the project on hold. Instead, beginning Mar. 25, Dr. Woo will be selling his Woo Gentle Daily Soap and donating all net profits to relief efforts done by Baby 2 Baby.

Woo tells Bustle about the moment he decided to use his brand to aid in the fight against coronavirus explaining that after panic buying began, he was exiting his car when he found multiple prototypes of the soap. He quickly realized that PROJECTWOO had thousands of soaps in inventory, and given CDC guidelines, he knew he could help. "I immediately felt that we had to use the soap to get help to those who need it most in these crazy and challenging times," he tells Bustle, "so I called all my partners on the brand and they immediately jumped on board and moved heaven and earth for us to be able to launch this initiative in 10 days."


Of his decision to work with Baby 2 Baby specifically, Woo tells Bustle that before anything else he is a father and husband.

"The first thing we think about (as working parents) when we wake up in the morning, is how to take care of our kids," he says. "It kills me to think of the ability to that being compromised and I wanted to work with a charity who specifically worked with people in that position. Baby2Baby are known for the incredible work they do, providing children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years, with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities; and the way they have stepped up specifically in the wake of COVID-19 really moved and impressed me. Also we are both from LA and it felt natural to team up with a fellow neighbour from my own community."


If you want to join Dr. Woo's efforts and keep up with CDC guidelines of washing your hands, you can purchase the soap at the PROJECTWOO website now. Oh, and if you need some help hitting that 20 second mark for washing your hands, you can use Dr. Woo's favorite tune to keep track of time — Outkast's "So Fresh, So Clean."

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