Celine Dion Asked Drake To Not Get A Tattoo Of Her Face, Please

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Drake has over 35 tattoos on his body, and he doesn't shy away from getting celebrity faces permanently inked onto himself. But there is one A-lister who isn't so keen to the idea of such a tribute. Celine Dion doesn't want Drake to get a tattoo of her face, and she made a public plea for him not to go through with it.

In a video by iHeartRadio, the interviewer asked Dion which celebrity's face she'd get tattooed on her body, mentioning that Drake had previously said he would get hers. Instead of answering the question, Dion faced the camera and spoke to Drake directly. "Can I tell you something: Don't do that," Dion said.

The artist then went on to helpfully share a list of other ways that Drake could express his fandom. All of which had nothing to do with permanent ink on his body.

"You can write me love letters, you can send me autographs for my kids, you can come and visit. I can have you home for lunch or dinner. We can go for a drink. We can sing together. Whatever you want to do. I can talk to your mother. Whatever you want, but please," Dion said.

Dion also reminded Drake that bodies change as they age, and Drake's tattoo of her might not look great after he hits retirement. To avoid having her face deform as Drake's skin droops, Dion helpfully offered up an alternative idea. "If you're going to do it, just do a fake [tattoo]," Dion said.

Drake first shared his tattoo plans in 2017, when the two Canadian artists met backstage at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. According to Cosmopolitan, that was when Drake informed the "My Heart Will Go On" artist that he will get her face tattooed on his rib cage. "I'm like a year away from a Celine tat," he said.

Drake already has a couple celebrity-inspired tattoos on his body, so adding Dion's face wouldn't be too out of left field.

In June 2011, Drake got a tattoo of Aaliyah on his back, right underneath a pair of wings.

In 2017, Drake revealed a portrait of Lil' Wayne on the back of his arm.

Also in 2017, Drake got two portraits of soul singer Sade on his rib cage.

Three months after his Sade tattoo, Drake got a portrait of Denzel Washington as the character Bleek Gilliam in Spike Lee’s 1990 film Mo’ Better Blues.

Then in June 2019, Drake went on Instagram to announce that he was working on a new album. His right arm was resting on a bar in the photo that he posted, revealing a tattoo that fans thought resembled Rihanna. While Drake never confirmed or denied that it was Rihanna on his arm, one Drake fan account explained that the tattoo was likely in honor of another talented woman. The portrait seems to be Robin Givens, who starred in the '90s film Boomerang and was married to boxer Mike Tyson.

While Drake is a fan of commemorating his idols with a portrait tattoo, Dion is not entirely on board with the idea. Maybe he should take her advice and just collaborate on a song with her instead.