This Cheese Grater Manicure Actually... Grates Cheese

There is nail art. And then there's... this. Nail Sunny, which proudly owns its status as "The #1 Nail Art Chain in Russia" in its Instagram bio, is world-renowned for its digit designs. Its latest manicure marvel will elicit a "WTF?" reaction from all who see it. The cheese grater manicure is weird, cool, awesome, confounding, funny, and fully functional. Yes, the cheese grater actually works.

It's not too far removed from the Starbucks Coffee Cup Manicure fashioned by Nail Sunny earlier this year. You could sip your beverage of choice from it.

Clearly, Nail Sunny traffics in manicures that are extra AF and Instagrammable. With 2 million followers, the salon has a lot of eyeballs to satisfy with its designs.

Of course this manicure looks dangerous — that's because it is. Cheese graters are sharp and you could nick your skin or someone else's. This manicure might also have you shaking or scratching your head over how unsanitary it seems.

While the nail technician carefully crafts the long nails out of a chopped up grater, they also show how it works. Relax, though! It's not likely that anyone actually consumed the cheese that falls into the bowl after its been rubbed over the nail x grater hybrid. Nail Sunny isn't likely recommending it either — unless, of course, the wearer of this manicure washes their hands thoroughly before handling any food items.

Here's the full video. Let's try to enjoy this manicure and nail art for what it is — a conversation-starting, unusual creation. Getting your nails did can be so standard and rote. So let's applaud Nail Sunny manicurists and customers for their creativity... mmmkay?

How did we get here — with nails that look like a cross between Freddy Krueger and Edward Scissorhands?

It all starts with an actual grater.

It's then fabricated into long strips resembling an oval nail.

The strips are then affixed to the customer's nail.

Like so. It's an atypically typical process.

The nails look futuristic and apocalyptic. They would be super cool even if they didn't serve a purpose.

Check it out. It's quite a Terminator style. Don't you hear Arnold uttering, "I'll be back?"

But once you introduce a chunk of cheese into the equation, it's a totally different story. These nails are multi-purpose and can take the place of a standard household appliance.

You can look closely and see the shredded cheese landing in the bowl.

Your manicure becomes a kitchen tool and will provide an assist in a pinch. No cheese grater? No problem.

While we aren't advocating actually using a cheese grater manicure no matter how desperate you are or simply because its functional, this video was fun to look at. If you did get a manicure fashioned from sharp shards of metal, you have to exercise extreme caution regardless.

These comments on Insta post capture all of the feels regarding this manicure. It's certainly divisive. But it's a reminder that you can enjoy a self-care ritual and not always take it so, sooooo seriously.

If you don't already, throw Nail Sunny an Insta follow. In addition to entertaining and really "grate" nail art, they do some beautifully wearable work.