Chip & Joanna Gaines’ New Restaurant Finally Opened & The Menu Is LIT

by Brittany Bennett
HGTV/Scripps Network

In addition to being couple goals, HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are now restaurant goals. That's right: The stars of everyone's favorite HGTV series, Fixer Upper, have done what they do best and fixed up a standing structure in Waco, Texas... before turning it into a restaurant called Magnolia Table. And, if you drool over Joanna's interior design, get ready to actually salivate over the menu they've constructed. Yes, Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Table restaurant is finally open, and after taking a look at the menu, I can guarantee you'll be looking at booking a ticket to Texas as soon as possible to get a seat.

The stylish couple is no stranger to introducing fantastic aesthetics that are impossible not to love. Their Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target delivers accents that adorn the home with the kind of pieces that will make you want to throw dinner party after dinner party. But, if you want to keep your Hearth & Hand dishes clean for once and enjoy a night out, now you can do so Gaines-style at Magnolia Table. The restaurant officially opened their doors on Mon., Feb. 26, and based off the initial reception, the food is just as appetizing as the interior decor is.

According to PEOPLE, Magnolia Table's menu focuses heavily on breakfast (the best meal of the day, obviously) with light touches of lunch. Doors will welcome diners from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The decor vibes pay homage to the Elite Cafe, which occupied the space for years before, according to Dallas News. Vintage photographs of the Elite Cafe dot the interior walls. On the couple's website in June 2017,, Gaines shared her excitement for their new venture saying, "Opening a breakfast joint has always been something that Chip’s been interested in — and it’s been so fun to watch how excited he has been about the entire process." In the post she teased the presence of homemade biscuits and a variety of jams to appear on the menu. I hope they have their mops ready to go to wipe up all the drool that puddles in reaction to reading the menu.

A collection of fresh juices occupies most of the drink options. And if you can't decide which fruit to slurp down, don't sweat it — you can order the genius juice flight. As for food, breakfast covers eggs and griddle favorites. Don't hesitate ordering tater tots and lemon lavender donut holes for the table as you await your skillet porridge oatmeal or farm breakfast. You can even order the Chip's Ham Sandwich for brunch or lunch, which is composed of sliced ham, melted cheddar, and two scrambled eggs resting upon a plush croissant. Be right back, checking flight deals from New York to Texas.

The menu, shared with People Magazine and by Twitter User @alexcoldbrew, illuminates that most of the ingredients used in cooking up these breakfast delights are sourced locally. And, because we're all so lucky, some of the vegetables will be plucked straight from Joanna's garden. Just ask the service staff for what produce is being grown seasonally and you'll get a taste of Jo's farming skills! And thanks to Twitter we get a window into the ~grand opening~. And I'm officially gasping. It's just as swoon-able as I imagined.

If you think that's all when it comes to Magnolia Table, you are mistaken. Prepare yourself for the plot twist: In addition to the 210 seat restaurant, there will be the "Take Away" — a shop and to-go style bar. If you thought you were stopping in to just pick up a breakfast sandwich, you are mistaken. You might be able to leave without a side order of tater tots, but you cannot leave with a side of souvenirs. If the breakfast was a gift in and of itself for you, think about picking up a gift from the "Take Away" for a friend who couldn't join you for brunch.

Texas, get ready for your new favorite brunch spot.