Chipotle Is Giving Away Free Guac On July 31 — Here's How To Get It

by Lia Beck
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For one day only, guac is not extra. As reported by Chew Boom, Chipotle is offering free guacamole with the purchase of an entrée on Tuesday, July 31. The catch? (You knew there was going to be catch, come on.) You have to order your meal via Chipotle's website or app. At least you don't have to wear a costume?

Chipotle's offer is in honor of National Avocado Day, which is probably not on your calendar, so just take their word for it. According to the details on Chipotle's site, you can get your free guacamole in a few different forms: free guac on your entrée, a side of guac, or an order of chips and guac. Guac, guac, guac. Has the word lost all meaning yet?

If you feel like you'll be ready to commit to ordering Chipotle online — remember, you'll be giving up standing in line and pointing at each ingredient one by one — the steps for getting free guacamole are pretty simple:

1. Create an account on the Chipotle app on or

2. Order your food and the form of guacamole you want.

3. Click on "View or Redeem Offers", then "Add an Offer"

4. Enter the code "AVOCADO" and buy that food. (But don't buy the guac, the guac is free.)

Also important to note is that there is a limit of one free order of guacamole per customer, rather than per entrée. So, if you are ordering with your friend and they want free guac too, they will have to place their own order.

The price to add guacamole to a Chipotle entrée that doesn't come with it — the veggie options already come with free guac — depends on location, but can cost around $2 or $2.50. This is why "guac is extra" has become such A Thing. But even though Chipotle will be giving out guac for free, it's is probably going to pay off, because, Omg, free guac? I wasn't even thinking about getting Chipotle today and now look!

Chipotle has been tweeting quite a bit about their promotion, but their rival is also getting in on the action. In response to Chipotle's National Avocado Day special, Qdoba tweeted:

It's true, they do have free guac on entrées. But Chipotle versus Qdoba is a vicious war and if you're reading this you've probably already chosen a side.

In other free guacamole news (yes, there really is more free guacamole news), Chipotle recently gave Cardi B a lifetime supply of free chips and guac coupons stacked neatly in a suitcase. The present was in response to one of Cardi's lyrics on the song "Dinero" with Jennifer Lopez: "I just want my money, chips, guac, and queso." A rep from Chipotle told The Daily Meal, "We just so happen to also think that guac is the best green around, so we thought it would be fun to fill a pelican case with free chips and guac cards to set her up for a very, very long time. Maybe she’ll share?"

Until that happens, might as well save $2 where you can if you're craving Chipotle, anyway. We can't all be on Cardi B's level.