Chipotle Just Launched Wrapping Paper That Will Make Your Gift Look Like A Giant Burrito

by Lia Beck

When you hear the words "Chipotle wrapping paper" maybe you think, Yeah, you cut up that paper bag your burrito came in, and voilà, free gift wrap. But, no, the takeout chain has taken things a step further. Chipotle is selling wrapping paper that while less economical and environmentally-friendly compared to reusing a paper bag, also won't have any grease stains on it.

As reported by People, the gift wrap comes in aluminum foil, salsa, and, of course, guacamole prints. And, like Chipotle's guacamole, they ain't cheap. Each roll costs $14, but customers also have the option to buy a gift wrap set that includes all three wrapping papers, 10 bows, 10 pieces of tissue paper, and five gift bags. This bundle goes for $50, and you should know that the bags look like the bags the food comes in, but no food is in them. You could have food and bags, just sayin'. All the items are available here while supplies last.

The wrapping paper actually does look pretty cool, and doesn't seem to have any branding on it, which is nice. The images are blown up and there is something oddly pleasant about seeing a gift wrapped in giant salsa (or, more specifically, pico de gallo). The gift wrap is also surprisingly Christmasy given the green of the guacamole, the red of the salsa, and the shiny of the aluminum foil. They'd definitely be a surprise to find under the tree come Christmas morning. You can't buy too much wrapping paper, though. There is a limit of two of each type of paper or bundle per customer.

In addition to the wrapping paper, Chipotle has a whole shop with other products for fans of the restaurant, including a ton of various T-shirts for people who either want to make their love known loud and clear or want something a bit more subtle. There's also a water bottle, a couple aprons, jackets, a baby onesie, and hot sauce.

While Chipotle fans seem to be excited about the wrapping paper, judging by their responses to the chain's social media posts, one competing brand got a little snippy on Twitter. On December 3, Chipotle tweeted about the gift wrap, and Taco Bell Canada wrote back, "Been there. Done that." along with a gif of Regina George from Mean Girls saying, "Why are you so obsessed with me?"

Taco Bell Canada's current pinned tweet is from November 26 and is about the chain's own gift wrap, which is made to look like the ingredients in a Crunch Wrap Supreme. The CrunchWrapping Paper (ha) seems to be exclusive to Taco Bell Canada and is available on the Canadian Amazon site. A set is CDN $27.99 and includes five sheets of gift wrap in the following designs: tortilla, beef, nacho cheese sauce, lettuce, and crunchy tostada.

There might be some Mexican-inspired chain restaurant drama on Twitter, but for anyone looking for Mexican-inspired chain restaurant holiday gift wrap, now you know there's two options for wrapping your presents in blown up pictures of fast food. Bon appétit.