Chris Pratt & Anna Faris' Split Has Twitter Totally Shook

by Joseph D. Lyons
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another Hollywood couple is no more. The two actors got together on the movie set of Take Me Home Tonight back in 2007, got hitched in 2009, and had their son, Jack, in 2012. But despite the many years together and a very supportive fan base, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are splitting up. And Twitter is deeply shaken by the news.

The two announced their decision to legally separate via social media. Pratt put a post up on his Facebook and Faris did so on her Instagram. They focused on what is best for their son, who is now four years old:

Anna and I are sad to announce we are legally separating. We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still have love for each other, will always cherish our time together and continue to have the deepest respect for one another.

Pratt and Faris remain busy professionally. He is starring in a couple of films including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and an upcoming Jurassic World sequel. Faris' CBS show Mom is in its fifth season. Seeing them separately, though, may not be enough for a number of their fans who took to Twitter to lament the break-up.

1) There's Something Personal About It

Thousands have connected with this tweet about their emotional connection to the couple.

2) Even More Personal Than Your Own Family

There's something that's just real about it.

3) "Love Is A Lie"

There will be tears shed.

4) Galaxy Of Tears

"Bummed" seems to be an understatement for many.

5) There Must Be An Explanation

Some fans really don't want to believe it.

6) Fans Can't Keep Their Chins Up

There is fear for their personal lives entering in too.

7) There's Solidarity In The Pain, Though

People are aware they're not alone.

8) There Is No Point

The barometer for all is this relationship.

9) Tuck Yourself Back In

Dream a bit longer that this is just a nightmare.

10) People Had Been Hopeful

There seemed to be something different about this pair.

11) Get Some Tissues

It's already too real.

12) Watch Some Comedy Goodness To Feel Better

Except that your favorite characters also feel the same way.

13) When The Pain Turns To Anger

How could they?

14) Life Is Not Fair

What else can you say?

15) Sunday Night, Too

There's a lot of comments regarding the timing too.

16) Your First Celebrity Breakup

Or at least the first one you cared about.

17) The Tears Are Real

The truth is not fun.

18) This Is Tragic

Hearts are broken across the country.

19) Jaw-Dropping News

This is seriously difficult to believe.

20) Emotions

All the emotions.

21) Not What You Want To See On Social Media

This is the kind of news that hurts.

22) Some Took It Harder Than Others

But like much harder.

23) Sound Of Silence

Prepare yourself before listening to sad songs.

24) Caught Up In Sadness

There just aren't words for some fans, that's how much they connected with this coupling. Deeply connected.

If you also feel this kind of connection to the two, take the time to tweet yourself. Maybe it will feel cathartic.