Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger Are Handling Moving In Together With A Sense Of Humor

by Mary Kate McGrath
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Moving can be a pain, and sometimes it requires a bit of improvisation. Chris Pratt's photo from moving in with Katherine Schwarzenegger featured a super funny caption, showing these two made the most of this move-in mishap. Pratt took to Instagram to show fans how the move was going, and it appears the two may have forgot one essential tool — a tape measure.

In the photos, Schwarzenegger can be seen measuring the space... with her arms. The couple were at Pratt's rural farm in Washington, where the actor plans to spend more of his time in coming years, according to Entertainment Tonight. Schwarzenegger clearly plans to be making a more permanent home on the farm as well, and in addition to being funny, the post offered a glimpse at the home's rustic interior.

Pratt joked about the missing tool in the caption of his photo, writing, "When you need to see if your stuff will fit in the new place but you forgot the tape measure." It wasn't the only picture that the Lego Movie star shared from the weekend. On Sunday, Pratt shared a photo posing with Schwarzenegger and a couple of lambs. The picture also had a humorous caption, reading, "Clementine snuggles Cupid. The half sisters, daughters of Rex Dangerfleece get along well. We’ll see if that changes come middle school."

The couple were clearly making the most of farm life, and Pratt shared another photo of Schwarzenegger holding the lambs. In the caption, the actor wrote that these were a special breed raised in the wild. He wrote:

"Here are twin Suffolk lambs, 'Blackbelt' and 'Quicksilver.' These Suffolk Sheep descended from a nearly wild breed of Island Sheep, over three human family generations and dozens and dozens of lamb generations, becoming incredibly hardy."

The caption went on to describe one of the lambs knocking the wind out of the actor, and plans to further domesticate the animals on the farm.

Both of the stars seemed to be enjoying the rural getaway, and Schwarzenegger also posted a photo of Pratt with a baby lamb on Instagram. The actor wrote the silly caption himself, and it read,

"I have often wondered why his hands were so rough. Now i know. He works the farm. He’s a real man. (Katherine asked me what to write so I wrote the above even though it is not true. Full disclosure: I have very soft hands. I literally cut my hand today i think, on a lamb. I am from Hollywood. Love, Chris) #farmlife"

The couple has been in the habit of updating fans about their life together on social media. In June, Schwarzenegger and Pratt announced their engagement on Instagram. Pratt wrote, "Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes! I’m thrilled to be marrying you. Proud to live boldly in faith with you. Here we go!" The two had been dating since June 2018, and were introduced by Schwarzenegger's mother, the author and journalist Maria Shriver, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

It looks like this relationship is going strong, and it's no surprise that Schwarzenegger is planning to move into Pratt's farmhouse in Washington. They may have forgot some of the essential tools to get her set up, but this Instagram picture shows they really only need each other.