Chris Pratt Perfectly Welcomes Aubrey Plaza To IG


Raise your hand if you miss Parks and Recreation on a daily basis. Yeah, me too. Hopefully, this news will at least partially feel that void. Chris Pratt welcomed Aubrey Plaza to Instagram Wednesday with the most perfect Parks and Rec flashback. The black and white image features Pratt as Andy Dwyer's alter-ego, Burt Macklin, and Platt as April Ludgate's alter-ego, Janet Snakehole. There is no welcome more fitting than that.

Alongside the image, Pratt perfectly wrote,

My name is Burt Macklin... And I'm with the f*ckin' F.B.I. Please follow my TV wife @plazadeaubrey Aubrey Plaza AKA Janet Snakehole. She is new to Instagram. She is going to post really weird and funny stuff. #parksandrec #burtmacklinyousonofab*tch

Andy first came up with Burt Macklin in Season 2, Episode 7 ("Greg Pikitis") when he questioned Greg Pikitis over the vandalism of Mayor Percy's statue. Then, in Season 3, Episode 6 ("Indianapolis"), April created Janet Snakehole at The Snakehole Lounge, where she and Andy play a game of who can get the most free stuff and money while posing as their alter-egos.

From then on, Burt and Janet popped up throughout the series. No one could've pulled them off quite like Andy and April.

As much as everyone loved Leslie and Ben together, there's no denying that Andy and April were just as glorious of a couple.

And with that, why not celebrate these two a little bit more by sharing some of a few amazing Burt and Janet moments? You know you want to relive them all over again.

When Janet Snakehole Appeared


When This Happened

Yeah, he liked it.

When Jerry Felt The Wrath Of Burt

Poor, Jerry.

Whenever Burt Announced Himself

Forever and always.

When Janet Role Played Like No Other

Talk about invested.

When They Took It To The Future

Never forget Burt and Janet.

Clearly, all of this calls for a Parks and Recreation marathon featuring only Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole episodes. Someone get on that, stat.