Chrissy Metz's Emmy Nom Is A Testament To Never Giving Up

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Acting has been an uphill climb for Chrissy Metz. She's been working in the industry for over a decade, but only landed her breakout role last year in widely acclaimed family drama, This Is Us. Now, however, she has a slew of rave reviews and one shiny new Emmy nomination (her first!) to show for it. Even better, Chrissy Metz's reaction to her Emmy nom shows exactly why the effort was worth it: After all this time, she's being celebrated for being exactly who she is.

Metz, who plays the insecure but tenacious Kate Pearson in This Is Us, shared her response to the nomination news in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She said,

"I hate to say that I’m seeking validation, but it’s so rewarding to receive recognition from your peers, especially when it’s been a long road for me. I know nobody is but, an overnight success I was not. It’s still very surreal but it’s also like, 'Okay, maybe I’m doing something right.' And maybe — because I question myself every scene, every day — it is a testament to being true to yourself and being authentic and staying present."

As one of the largest women ever cast in a primetime television show, Metz has been vocal about her struggle to find work in an industry that often shuts out those who don't fit within outdated beauty "standards."

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Last fall, Metz shared she hopes her role will help push others to be more open-minded in an interview with Bustle. "I think it represents coming together as unconventional women and finding that they are catching up to life — simply by seeing that this is a representation of someone who's different," she said at the time. "This is also someone who's so relatable and real. It's like, why has it taken this long? Why is this a new thing?"

Metz's Emmy nomination is a small but necessary step on the road toward progress, and her success on This Is Us is evidence that Hollywood is gradually changing. But more than that, it's a testament to following your dreams and staying true to yourself, no matter how many times you're told no.

In that same interview, Metz also told Bustle if she weren't overweight, she wouldn't have landed her part in This Is Us, nor would she have such a massive platform to shift intolerant perspectives. So while she may have overcome some challenging hurdles to get here, her perseverance is a guidepost for anyone still fighting.