Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Went As ROYALS For Halloween — And It Wasn't As Meghan & Harry

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Celebrities definitely went above and beyond for Halloween this year. For example, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's 2018 Halloween costume is so epic, and fans of the British royal family will be greatly pleased. If you haven't seen it yet, they hilariously dressed up as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. It has to be the most royally fantastic Halloween costume ever, or at least in 2018.

The Cravings: Hungry For More author and A Legendary Christmas artist first revealed their Halloween costume on Teigen's Instagram Story on Oct. 31. In one story, Legend stood as Philip, while Teigen entered the room as the Queen. She even changed her walk in an attempt to channel her best Queen Elizabeth possible. As for Legend, he said in a British accent, "Hello. Happy Halloween to our loyal subjects."

It's as funny as it sounds. Even Teigen couldn't keep her composure as the Head of the Commonwealth. What makes their costume even better is the couple was so exhausted, they didn't want to leave the house.

"We were gonna go somewhere, but we're so tired," Teigen said on her Instagram Story. Legend added, "We worked all day," while Teigen continued, "So we're at home." Then, Legend declared, "We just did it for the 'gram."

Thankfully, they got dressed up for Instagram. It's unclear if they actually attended a Halloween party, or just chilled at home. Either way, at least they were kind enough to share their fabulous costumes on social media.

Speaking of their costumes, they are seriously so good. First, Teigen's wig is spot on. The same can be said of Legend's wig, which the cookbook author couldn't help but make fun of on her story.

"Please, please look at this hair," Teigen said between laughs. The musician also poked fun at himself by asking, "Is it even accurate?" Both of their wigs are absolute perfection and thank goodness they didn't change a thing about them.

As for the rest of their costumes, who knows where they found everything to create their Queen Elizabeth and Philip look. Teigen surely had to do a lot work to find the right accessories and apparel to pull off the costume. Between the right heels, her pantyhose, the jacket and broach, the gloves, the purse, and, of course, her hat with flowers, her Queen Elizabeth-inspired costume is flawless.

Speaking of her shoes, Legend approved greatly. In her Instagram Story, he told Teigen, "The shoes are beautiful."

One might think Teigen and Legend would've dressed up as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but their final costume choice was the right one. There's no denying a Duke and Duchess of Sussex costume would've been amazing, but who else is glad they went with Queen Elizabeth and Philip? It was a great surprise.

For Halloween in 2017, Teigen and Legend did a family costume with Luna. The were inspired by the 1947 film Copacabana. Legend was Groucho Marx, Teigen was Carmen Miranda, and Luna was the sweetest pineapple ever. Can you imagine if they would've done a British royal family costume with Luna and Miles? That's probably the only thing that would've made their Queen Elizabeth and Philip costume even more royally fantastic.